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Arab Israeli conflict presentation

No description

Isaac Harm

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Arab Israeli conflict presentation

The Arab Conflict
Right vs. Right?
The Arab Side
The Israeli side
The Background
After WWII, Jews were anxious to have a nation of their own. They were given a strip of territory that they used to live in during ancient times.
Background Continued
The problem with this land was that it was then controlled by the Arabs. The Arabs did not like having their lands taken from them.
Background Continued
The Arab's response to the takeover of their lands was to not recognize Israel as a nation. They then attempted to take their lands back.
We owned it!
The first argument the Arabs have is: We have been here since the 3rd century. This is a good reason as they were there at that time.
The second argument they have is: they were not consulted when the land was being given. This is also valid as they should have been consulted and if they did not agree, the settlement could have been given somewhere else.
You Did Not Consult Us!
They Gave it up when they left!
Their third argument is that the Jews gave up their rights to the land when they left all those years ago. This is debatable because the jews relocated due to the Roman empire and they might not have moved at all. But that is not what did happen so it could go the other way as well.
We Were Here First!
The first argument the Jews have for the land is they were here first way back in ancient history and they lived there for around 3,000 years. This is debatable because they did leave after that and did not come back until a long time after that.
This is about the Existence of Israel
The Jew's second argument is the conflict being about there even being a Israel not its location. They say that they have the right to land too but the Arabs do not want them to have land. So the Arabs found an excuse to attack the Jews.
This too would be a valid reason. But we do not know if it is true. We could test it by creating a Jewish nation in another part of the world. But unless we do this, we will not know if this is a valid reason.
Only 25% of the Israel's population is non-Jewish.
The third argument the Jews have is: Only 25% of the Israeli population is non-Jewish. This is a valid reason. Because it is a good idea to create a country based on the people who live there. Also if the population is mostly Jewish, why do the Arabs have a true right to the land?
In conclusion
I think that this is a right vs. right conflict because both have legitimate reasons to owning the land. Whoever would win, is right
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