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Placement Presentation

Work Experience opportunities

Craig Tessier

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Placement Presentation

Placement Ideas
Applied Tech Co-op
Humanities Co-op
Chef Co-op
Teacher's Assistant
Carpenter's Assistant
Public and Human Services
Engineering and Industrial Technology
Masonry Assistant
Baker's Assistant
Guildford Park Secondary
Career Education - Co-op
Agriculture and Natural Resources
Arts, Media and Communication
Health Services
Business, Management and Technology
Engineering and Industrial Technology
Public and Human Services
Career Path includes programs related to economic, political, and social systems.
May include education, law and legal studies, law enforcement, public administration, child and family services, religion, and social services.
Police Officer Assistant
Possibilities include:
Law Office
Culinary Arts (Baking, Pastry, Cooking)
Elementary Schools
Community Policing
Careers include engineering and related
fields, architecture, mechanics,
electronics, and construction trades.
Possibilities include:
Construction Trades
Automotive Trades
Electrical, Plumbing, Welding, Masonry
Jobs involve planning, managing, and performing agricultural production, horiculture, landscaping, mining and extraction operations, conserving natural resources; and related environmental services.
Agriculture and Natural Resources
Arts, Media and Communication
Health Services
Business, Management and Technology
Careers may include creative or technical writing, illustrating, graphic design, publishing, theatre, journalism, languages, radio and television broadcasting, photography, advertising and public relations.
Possibilities include:
Bell Centre
Youthink (Journalism) - April
Canadian Tourism College - TBA
College of Fine Arts - Media & TV
This career path includes programs related to the promotion of health as well as the treatment of injuries, conditions, and disease. These may include medicine, dentistry, nursing, therapy and rehabilitation, nutrition, fitness, and hygiene.
Possibilities include:
Dental Offices
Fitness Centres
Physiotherapy Offices
Nursing care homes
West Coast College of Massage
Careers in this pathway of study are related to accounting, business administration, finance, information processing and marketing. These may include business planning, finacial analysis, corporate management, statistical analysis and sales.
Possibilities include:
Accounting Offices
Retail sales
Insurance Offices
Possibilities include:
Golf Course
Ms. Dorsch

Program Details

on time
Any problems contact Ms. Dorsch ASAP Call: 604-588-7601 (voicemail ext. 2102)
Email: dorsch_s@surreyschools.ca

If absent during work experience?
Call Employer
Call Ms. Dorsch

* Make up hours missed
Course Work

Complete assignments on time
Stay afterschool to catch up if you fall behind


Not allowed to use in classroom
I see it ... I get it

1st time - End of Block
2nd time - End of Day
3rd time - Parents


Science & Tech 11
Math 11 A & W
Transitions 12
Work Experience 12A
Work Experience 12B

Work Experience

1st - April 1 - April 17 (100 hours)
2nd - May 26 - June 13 (120 hours)

Mock Interview

Tuesday March 4

* One classroom, same teacher
Editor Assistant
Video Assistant
Minister Assistant
Radio Assistant
Veternarian Assistant
Nursing Assistant
Fitness Club Assistant
Automechanic Assistant
Metalwork Assistant
Electrician Assistant
Office Assistant
Retail Assistant
Golf Course Assistant
Florist Assistant
Nursery Assistant
Hairdressing Assistant
Attendance Policy

very strict
unexcused absents not accepted
too many excused absents not accepted

Punctuality Guidelines

1st - Talk with Teacher

(Make up Missed Time)

2nd - Meeting with Facilitator

(Make up Missed Time)

3rd - Meeting with VP, Parent phoned

(Make up Missed Time)

Next Late - Parent Meeting

*If continues then student is taken out of Co-op

Out of Program ???

Cannot reschedule into mainstream classes
Leaves GP (Work and Learn???)

Bonus Option

Construction Safety Training System (CSTS)
$100 savings

Co-op's 3 Step Approach
Attendance Guidelines

1st - Meeting with Facilitator, Parent phoned

(Make up Missed Time)

2nd - Meeting with VP, Parent phoned

(Make up Missed Time)

Next Absent - Parent Meeting

*If continues then student is taken out of Co-op

The End
Warehouse Assistant
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