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Conditionals & Variables

No description

Emre Dixon

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Conditionals & Variables

A variable is a value that can vary, depending on the condition or information passed on from the programme. Usually, a programme will consists of a set of instructions that tell the computer to do. The word 'variable' comes from the word 'to vary', which means to change.

In computing, conditionals are a feature of programming which can perform different actions, depending on wether a boolean condition assesses true or false.
Other Game Conditionals
In Call Of Duty, if you kill someone, your kill count and kill streak will increase by 1.
In Need For Speed, if you overtake someone, your position will increase by 1, e.g. 5th to 4th.

FIFA 15 Conditionals
If your player runs out of stamina, they will pull a hamstring.
The higher rated the player card is, the rarer it is to find in packs.
The higher the stat is, the better they do it, e.g. the faster they can run or the better defending they have.
What team has the most goals wins the game.
When full time and added time has been completed, the game will finish.
At the end of the game, a players goal count will increase by the amount of goals they scored.
If a player is injured or suspended, you will have to substitute them.

Conditionals & Variables
In adventure games, if you get hit a certain amount of times, your health counter will go down by the amount of damage that is taken.
Also, if you die, your life counter will go down by 1.
In Call Of Duty, if you kill someone, your score counter will go up by a certain score.
In Pac-Man, if you collect a pellet, your score will go up by 10.
In Minecrtaft, if you collect a gold block, your gold count will increase by the amount you’ve collected.
Game Variables
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