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Channel Plannig

Ashley Harris

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Glidden

Lindsay Davis, Helen Gardner, Ashley Harris, Molly Ricketts, Cat Yuille Introduction Situation Analysis Situation Analysis Strategy Media Mix Budget & Calendar Conclusion Company & Market History---

Major Competitors----------

Timing Considerations---

Target Audience--- Decline in paint industry market in 2008
Current industry revenue around $24 billion Campaign will run from May-September
Continuity Pattern: Pulsing Female millenials ages 18-31 living in the U.S.
"Renting DIYers" with minimal painting experience Olympic Paint
Valspar Corporation
Sherwin-Williams STRENGTHS OPPORTUNITIES THREATS Glidden's partnership with Walmart
Partnership with Better Homes and Gardens
Personalization of colors
Trial sizes
Website interaction Distribution of Glidden at Walmart
DIYers are more financially feasible
Competitive prices
Social media Consumers perception of Walmart
Recession WEAKNESSES Target audience doesn't typically shop at Walmart
Glidden only makes up <1% of market share in paint industry Marketing & Media Objectives Target Market -Female millennial's
-DIY projects Continuity Pattern: Pulsing Lightest exposures in May and August Heavier exposures will be in June, July
and September $8,000,000
71.2% Traditional Media
28.8% Non-traditional Media Objectives Chart Non-traditional media Glidden's prices are the most reasonable in the industry & they are partnered with an internationally known company Walmart
Glidden’s advertising focuses on women that are in the DIY stage including young couples and families.
Glidden’s campaign will promote the brand raising brand awareness, with websites, applications and in-store promotions.
By executing the pulsing pattern and strategies and tactics set in place Glidden is guaranteed a successful campaign resulting in not only an increase in brand awareness, but brand loyalty and sales as well. Reach: 70%
Frequency: 4 Reach: 60%
Frequency: 3 Traditional Magazines Television Outdoor
Transportation May-September ($1,448,000) - City Mobile Cars
- Bus Wraps
- Taxi Installations (May+August $348,000) (May $31,000) Network TV
Network Cable
HGTV (Love it or List it) $2,880,000 (Total)
Better Homes and Gardens, Midwest Living & Traditional Home
Readers Non-Traditional Social Media In-Store Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
Media Manager ($15,00 Salary)
Trending Hastags and Sponsored Tweets Promotions, live demonstrations, P.I.Y (Paint it Yourself) Pandora Paid advertisements ($80,000-total) Budget: $10 million
Target market: female millennials age 18-31
Pulsing pattern from May-September
Mix of traditional and non-traditional media
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