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Genetically Modified Organisms

No description

Sophie Maya

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Genetically Modified Organisms

By: Samantha Bucher, Jordan Dorning, Meredith Gray, Sophie Maya, and Claire Weckerly Genetically Modified Organisms Changing our world as we know it, genetically modified organisms alter everything from animals to plants, allowing for us humans to prosper. In this presentation we will delve into the great topic of genetically modified organisms and how it affects every part of our world. From the tiniest of bacteria to the extensive fields of crops, these are genetically modified organisms. Controversy Our opinions have all joined together in this short video. Thank you for watching our presentation, and we hope that no matter what your opinion is on this topic, you have learned a lot. Discussion Genetically Modified Organisms What are Genetically Modified Organisms? Where it all began... Truths vs. Myths The Purpose In our world today there are various countries that use genetically modified organisms. As highlighted by the grey and pink dots, countries such as the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, India and China are just a few of the primary producers of genetically modified organisms. How is it all done? Selective Breeding vs. GMOs Indoor vs. Outdoor What happens to the DNA and what exactly is being modified? What is the purpose of it all, and why is it so prevalent in our society today? Who coined and began this idea of modifying our food in the first place?

-Stanley Cohen
-Herbert Boyer
-Paul Berg Methods http://www.monsanto.com/whoweare/Pages/default.aspx What's the difference? In our world today...where do we find GMOs? Other GM crops GM Animals -Case Study on Rats
-Seralini’s experiment

-Case Study on Monarch Butterflies
-The decrease in monarch butterflies is linked to an increase in GM crop usage

-Case Study on Glowing Cats
-GM cats resistant to FIV can help advance research with human HIV.
-Main Researcher: Eric Poeschla The Impact Environmental Impact
-dramatic alteration of ecosystems-example: the effect of Bt corn on caddisflies
-allergies: new proteins
-toxicity: increased toxicity due to gene damage
-gene flow and biodiversity: superweeds, decreased biodiversity Impact on Humans Evolutionary Significance GMOs and Politics An ethical study of GMOs The Church’s position on GMOs -recombinant DNA technology
-transgenic manipulation
http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/harvest/engineer/transgen.html -The purpose of creating genetically modified organisms is to improve current crops and food producers.

-Some GMOs have opened up avenues for new research on diseases such as AIDS and genetic studies.

-Monsanto says that the purpose of “sustainable agriculture [is] to meet the needs of a growing population.” Insertion
gene splicing
gene gun / gene cannon

Gene targeting
Gene Removal

Recombinant DNA Technology -controlled -uncontrolled -Scientists modify tomatoes, maize, potatoes, soybeans, sugarcane, beets, papayas, rice, and canola

-What is organic?

-We are what we eat Scientists also modify other plants used in industry. -new proteins, new allergens
-gene removal
-world hunger -Farming Community:Productivity vs Cost Impact on Animals -Balance of ecosystems - Genes “Escaping” Into the Environment

- GM oilseed plant and the development of the mustard “superweed”

- Pests and Pest-Resistant Crops Benefits

Disadvantages What type of debate takes place over this controversial topic? How do GMOs affect politics in our world today? What role does ethics play in genetically modifying these organisms? How does the Catholic Church view the use of genetics to modify organisms? -1999: European Union-2000: Biosaftey Protocol-US GMO’s -Two sided argument
-Motivation behind big time companies -No real stance but signs of some support. -Selective breeding: choice of a specific organism -GMO’S: modifying any organism 7 genetically modified animals that glow in the dark 1. Sheep 2. Rabbit Video on glowing sheep: http://theweek.com/article/index/243433/7-genetically-modified-animals-that-glow-in-the-dark 3. Pigs 4. Monkey 5. Dog 6. Cats 7. Fish
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