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Adelante Student Success Orientation

No description

Marisela Canela

on 8 October 2016

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Transcript of Adelante Student Success Orientation

Academic Standing
Getting Back to Good
Standing at SMC

If you are placed on Academic Probation,
you must achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher during the following semester.

NOTE: *A student cannot be removed from a probationary status after a successful winter/summer session. It simply affects your cumulative GPA and progress rate for the following semester.

If you are placed on Progress Probation you must successfully complete the required percentage of units during the following semester by avoiding any “W’, “I” and/or “NP” grades.
Adelante Student Success Orientation
Back to Good Standing
What are the three major parts to effective note taking? Summarize each step...
What is Probation?
1. Academic Probation:
A student will be placed on academic probation if he/she falls below a 2.0 (C) cumulative grade point average (GPA) in 12 or more units attempted at SMC.

2. Lack of Progress Probation
A student who has enrolled in 12-30 semester units and 50% or more of units enrolled earned a“W” (Withdrawal), I (Incomplete) or “NP (No Pass) is placed on progress probation.
A student who has enrolled in 31 or more semester units and 40% or more of units enrolled are a“W”, “I”, or “NP” grades is placed on progress probation.

Course Repeat Policy
Effective summer of 2012, a student can only attempt to successfully repeat a course twice after receiving a D, F, NP, or W. Students may no longer enroll in a course more than 3 times in their attempt to pass the course.

1st attempt/enrollment in course: If you earn a D, F, NP, or W, you can automatically re-enroll and take the course a second time.

2nd attempt/enrollment in course:

This is your first "repeat" and your final opportunity to repeat the course without counselor permission.

3rd attempt/enrollment in course: If you still haven't passed the course and want to repeat it at SMC, you must meet with a counselor to submit an appeal to enroll in the course a third time and your appeal may or may not be approved.

Consequences of Probation

Limited to a maximum of:
*9 units in fall/spring
*5 units in winter/summer

Loss of Enrollment Priority after two consecutive semesters on probation

Disqualification from SMC after being on Academic Pobation for 2 semesters, or being on Lack of Progress Probation for 2 semesters

Disqualification prevents you from re-enrolling at SMC. You must petition with a counselor to be allowed to return to SMC.
Describe at least 3 strategies for Reviewing notes
Maria Martinez, M.A.
Program Leader, Counselor
Patti Del Valle, M.A.
Veronica Castillo, M.A., Ph.D.
Rosa Martinez, M.A.
Marisela Canela, M.A.
Osbaldo Nieves, M.A.
Latino Center Counselors
Adelante students who are placed on probation must attend a Student Success workshop session in order to remain active in the program for the upcoming semester.
Transcript Review
Calculating Your Grade Point Average (GPA)
Grade Points Units Attempted = Grade Point Average
Financial Aid -
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAP)
Students that receive Federal Student Aid (and Cal Grants) are required
to adhere to the following:

1. Maintain an overall GPA of 2.0.

2. Progress at a pace in which you are completing 67% of all units attempted.
If your completion rate falls below 67%, you are not meeting the "pace" requirement

3. Complete your educational goal within the maximum time frame.
You must finish your goal by the time you attempt a certain number of units.

Students in 60 unit AA/AS and 4-year transfer program: You must complete your studies by
the time you attempt 90 units.

Students in vocational programs: You must complete your studies by the time you attempt
150% of the published length of your program.

Example: If your program requires 30 units. You must complete your program by the time
you attempt 45 units.

Failure to meet these requirements will lead to Financial Aid Warning (Probation) or Financial Aid Disqualification.

Adelante Program
Reading Your Transcript
Letter grades have a numerical value:
A = 4 points C = 2 points F = 0 points
B = 3 points D = 1 point

A: Course Units x Value of Letter Grade = Grade Points
Example for Couns 20: 3 x 3 = 6 Grade Points

A: Step 1. Add all Grade Points for courses that semester.
Example: 9 + 6 + 0 + 6 = 21 Grade Points

Step 2. Add all Units Attempted for courses that semester.
Example: 3 + 3 + 0 + 3 = 9 Units Attempted

Step 3. Divide total Grade Points by total Units Attempted.
Example: 21/9 = 2.33 Grade Point Average

Repeating a course can be a good strategy for improving your GPA or getting credit for completing a class. This strategy is most often recommended for Math and English courses and courses required for your major or certificate.
Santa Monica College. (2015). 2014-2015 Santa Monica College Catalog. Retrieved from http://www2.smc.edu/catalog/2014_2015/default.htm

Santa Monica College. (2015). Latino Center/Adelante Program. Retrieved from

2015 Latino Center
Contact Latino Center
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