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Why you want to hire me.

Why do you want me on your team? View this Prezi to find out. Take notes, enjoy, and don't be shy. I'd love to tell you all about it in person.

Mandi Lindner

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of Why you want to hire me.

United Community Center
iAm not a trained teacher
Okay, it was just networking, but it taught me the value of building professional relationships.
For more info, visit: http://www.mandilindner.com
Marketing, recruitment, placement, recognition, and more
My color-coded To Do lists were legendary.
My favorite part was building relationships with the community
LCMS World Mission
iMoved to Hungary to teach English
iFreelance for small businesses, entrepreneurs and global corporations in the areas of:
By now you know me pretty well.
Hopefully well enough to know iCan do wonders for you and your clients.
Here's my resume for more information on my skills, talents, and experience:
Or find me online:
Cagli, Italy
iSpoke on behalf of the United Way of Greater Milwaukee - helping to raise funds for our programs.
As the Community Relations Coordinator I gave speeches and planned events, but...
The Constant Foreigner is a site that shares dense intercultural communication research in an engaging way using video, photos, interactives, and personal narratives.
iTeach digital storytelling best practices and review resources on my blog to help brands, job seekers, and individuals learn the skills they need to tell their stories in an increasingly technological world.
This interactive narrative celebrates 100 years of
co-education at Marquette University. The piece puts users in the driver's seat and tells the story of what campus life was like for women throughout the decades.
Our Past.
Our Present.
Our Future.
Meta House
iManaged the
communications for the following audiences:
iDeveloped a social media plan to raise awareness and support for our mission:
For example:
Transforming our annual gala into a transmedia event engaging supporters through technology and storytelling
View a Prezi of the transmedia event from inception to results here:
Cream City Cuisine includes self-written recipes that
showcase the best that Wisconsin has to offer by way of
beer, wine, cheese, meat and produce. With a growing, loyal readership, the site has already been featured on the websites of several local producers.

Writing for Cream City Cuisine has also led to opportunities with
MKE Foodies
and writing for the
For example...
iStudied international journalism and multimedia storytelling
And I continued my love affair with the 2.0 world by keeping in touch with family and raising money for the mission via blogging, Skype, and Facebook.
iDon't speak Hungarian
Marquette University

iLearned how to build communities in a 2.0 world - combining traditional storytelling with the latest in digital technology.
University of Minnesota
iStudied marketing at the Carlson School of Management

iBuilt communities when it was still 1.0
iWas, and still am, a bit

My favorite courses were marketing strategy, integrated marketing communications, and emerging leadership
iBlogged before blogging was trendy

iSocial networked before there were websites for it
iHave a
Master's degree in Communications
, and a
Master's Certificate in Digital Storytelling
iTaught myself FinalCut Pro in two weeks
iLived in Italy, too
iProduced digital stories in addition to sharing the adventure through a travel blog
Web Production
iManaged over 700 volunteers across 8 departments
Social Media - long-term strategy, campaigns, content marketing
Interactive Presentations for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and global corporations
Digital Storytelling including video production and front-end web development
Clients include:
Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin, International Ombudsman Association, Mark the Occasion Designs, Text2Car, Estee Lauder Benelux, a global mining corporation, Weiniger Homes, Darphin, and iStandAbove
We doubled our fundraising goal, and received media
placements in print, radio, broadcast, and web
A nonprofit dedicated to helping women struggling with addiction reclaim their lives and rebuild their families
iProduced 4 videos for the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin to education web visitors about the tribe's history and traditions in an engaging way.
Narrative as a Recovery Tool
iDeveloped, along with two other colleagues, a digital storytelling workshop for women in recovery to teach them the tools they needed to tell their own stories of recovery as they wanted them told. This project was accepted and presented at the Relato International Conference on Digital Storytelling held annually at the Universitat de València.
Social Media: Nonprofit
iExecuted a transmedia component to Meta House's annual fundraising gala using video. Volunteers set up video booths at the Mother's Day-themed event where attendees could record a video card to their mothers and important women in their lives. Videos were edited and uploaded in real-time and a local corporation sponsored a $1 donation for every view the video received on YouTube.

Meta House saw an increase in channel views and video shares across Facebook and Twitter as well as media coverage of the campaign across local print, broadcast, and online media.
Social Media: Business
iManaged the marketing department for an adventure business, which included growing their social media profiles. We took the customer's favorite part of the experience and helped them share it with their friends, thus increasing our own reach. Using Fotaflo, zipline tour guides were equipped with a mobile camera that instantly uploaded group photos to our point-of-purchase system. The branded photos were immediately available for purchase and social sharing.

Using this system to help our customers do the talking, in conjunction with monthly and seasonal contests, we doubled our social media followers and exponentially increased engagement for our brand.
Graphic Design
iDesign using the latest Adobe CS software. Some of the projects I have managed include:

Magazine Advertisements
Social Media Branding
Prezi presentations
Tradeshow Banners
Rack Cards
Event Invitations
Electronic Communications

And more!
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