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Copy of Awesome Soap Business Plan

No description

Jennifer Garcia

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Awesome Soap Business Plan

Awesome Soap Company Business Plan Name: “Awesome Soap Company” Name:Aaron, John Business Description Company Description Location: Suite 130, 4400 Hazel bridge Way, Richmond Operation: Partnership and retail and manufacturing business not be a franchise Size: 1500 square feet Selling product: Home-made soap Target groups: families, married couples, and children
Spread the word of how soap is actually harmful When someone mentions soap, majority of people would think of “cleansing” or “germ-free”, but do they know that soap has side effects? Goal for the future of the business WHY? So, we are going to explain a few things including how soap can harm our body, how to read the labels on soap packages, and to go deeper into understanding soap ingredients, including what they do to our systems. Operation Product Base Ingredients Grams Ounces Percentage Optional Additives Measurement Homemade Soap Recipe: Castor Oil
Coconut Oil
Olive Oil
Palm Oil 27 gr.
225 gr.
333 gr.
270 gr. 0.95 oz.
7.94 oz.
11.75 oz.
9.52 oz. 3%
30% Rosemary E/O
Lemon Eucalyptus E/O
Eucalyptus E/O
Litsea Cubeba E/O 1.5 tsp. (7.5 ml)
3/4 tsp. (3.75 ml)
2 tsp. (10 ml)
3/4 tsp. (3.75 ml) Charge $4 for each soap
Aim at selling around 120 soaps per week
Offer quantity pricing e.g. 5 soaps for $15 to increase sales
Online Selling: people who live far away can still know about our soap
Set up accounts on Twitter under our business name as well as a Facebook fan page and a blog.
Internet is a very powerful way to let people from anywhere to know more about our company Marketing Promotion and advertising $10000 will be spent on TV commercial, flyers in local area and online selling
Hand out pamphlets to every one
Feel pleasure of meeting our customers and to stand and sell with passion
Take sincere interest in the customers and keep focus on them and their skincare needs
Tell and show how our products will benefit them
Must have attractive displays, set prices, business cards or flyers to spread information The biggest competitor: lots of store located everywhere and they claim to sell natural soap
Other brands:
Disadvantages of commercial soap: contain harmful chemical such as Tricolsan, Dioxin, etc.
Advantages of homemade soup: skin moisturizing and cancer preventing because they are all made by natural ingredients. Competition Cash Flow
Financing Total Sales: Charge $4 for each soap
Open from Monday to Saturday. We expect to sell 20 soaps a day and 6 days a week.
Total sales per day will be 20* $4 = $80 per month (30 days): $80* 30 = $2400
Loan from other and investors: $10000 Total:$1400 Purchase of equipment:
Soap cutters $350
Soap molds $270
Bottle Labeling$380
Oil-Wax Melters (Heaters)$400 Money we pay out (cash disbursements) Staff Expenses: $10 per hour
Material used in mixing oil: plant oil, essential oil, glycerin soap base, etc.: $250 per month
Business Fee and Licenses (expense of registering Awesome Soap Company): $50 per month
Advertising: $150 per month
Insurance: $600 bimonthly
Office Expenses (Stationery, etc.): $15 per month
Other (Machine repairs): $200 per month Awesome Soap Company Cash flow forecast Cash receipts (From January to July): Cash Disbursements (From January to July): Net Cash: Thank You!
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