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IHP Poole+Bournemouth v7

No description

lindsay grist

on 3 October 2018

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Transcript of IHP Poole+Bournemouth v7

Delivery Confidence
Cost Management
Working with us
Strength of Team and Leader
Relevant Experience
And finally.....
Richard Townley
Framework Lead
Jason Gibbings
Preconstruction Manager
Project launch workshop
Risk management
Lessons learnt from health frameworks
Leadership from appointment to handover
Benefits of NHS and private sector experience
Strategy and safety
Brian Furlong
Project Director
“It isn’t like working with a contractor, Richard always focuses on trying to understand where we (the Client) are coming from”

Alexandra Gallagher
Clinical Lead
Clinical engagement and sign off
Develop detailed brief
Clinical Compliance
Delivering on budget
Driving in value
Minimising risk
"Jason clearly defined what he expected of his team and they delivered, despite the challenging timescales"
Les Apps, Project Manager, Croydon Health Services
Kyle McClelland, Associate Director Watford Health Campus
"Alex allowed clinicians to test what was possible while managing expectations”

Natalie Forrest, Project Director
Royal Free London NHS FT

Understanding the Trust vision
Developing designs to deliver the vision
Advising on best practice
Paul Menadue
IBI Architect

Richard Harman
Planning Director
East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust
“Paul is up to date with contemporary thinking on healthcare issues. He understands how we work”

Efficient and sustainable design
Manage design within budget
Keep critical services running through construction
Alan Newman
TB+A M&E Lead

Dean Goodrum
Head of Estates and Facilities
East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

“Alan has set new levels of what can be expected from a services consultant”
Clinical Design Process

Derek Welsh, Executive Director HR and Corporate Services Central Manchester NHS Trust
"We were very impressed with Brian’s leadership, competence and commitment to understanding our vision for a new hospital and clinical delivery"

Delivery Confidence
Cost Management
Team and Leader
Working with us
Relevant Experience
Our Promises
Patient care will never be compromised
The best hospitals for Dorset
The very most for your money
This will be your delivery team
Total commitment to the project
Patients, staff and families first
Best practice from the framework
Innovative design to deliver your project for £147 m

Only PSCP with a proven track record of providing alternative funding sources to the NHS

In house specialist healthcare cost management

OBC Programme ready

100% projects delivered on time on budget

Our clients recommend us

We have the team available to deliver

Brian brings 20 years experience of working in NHS Estates. Alex brings 28 years nursing experience to clinical engagement

The wider team are all healthcare experts in their own fields who come from delivering two major hospital redevelopments

This team has 200 years health experience

We appreciate the level of engagement we have been allowed so far

We'd like to build on this by sharing office accommodation in the Stour Building

We have already begun to plan our activities to avoid disruption

Our team have experience of delivering major transformation in the NHS

146 Projects delivered through the framework

£1.214bn for 60 NHS clients

53% repeat business

Right clinical environment

Securing the finance

Managing expectations

Getting started on site

Ownership by all of the buildings at the end

Keeping construction and clinical teams happy through good communications

Business as usual
What keeps you awake at night?
What we heard at the open day
Enhanced team work
Reduced infection rate
Sharing best practice
40% increase in patient throughput
£24.6m savings in running costs in its first year of completion

Removed £14.5m of backlog maintenance

20% reduction in carbon beating NHS targets 2 years early

Lister Hospital
Cultural change
Speed and efficiency of the OBC and delivery process
Patient experience
Future flexibilty

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