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Homo Habilis

No description

Kitty Y

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Homo Habilis

Homo Habilis The Homo Habilis lived in Africa. They populated most of the Eastern and Southern parts of Africa. The Homo Habilis lived predominantly on grassland environments. Did you know during the time period when the Homo Habilis lived, the climate was becoming cooler and drier? The Homo Habilis had a larger brain size than earlier humans. The beginnings of a slight forehead was beginning to appear. And the jaws were becoming more human-like. The females stood upright to about 100-110 cm and the male grew up to around 130 cm. The Homo Habilis' average weight was 70lb (32kg). Shelter Food Tools Clothing -Did you know the Homo Habilis did not seek shelter in caves in fear of dangerous predators? One of their most deadly predators include the carnivorous saber toothed cats. To escape from them, the homo habilis would climb up trees for safety.

-Louis and Mary Leaky's team found the first homo habilis remains in 1964 at Olduvaii Gorge in Tanzania, Africa

-No one has ever found an entire skeleton of a human habilis! The Homo Habilis lived around 1.4 million to 2.4 million years ago. They lived before the Homo Erectus and after the Australopithecus. Era Location Description Living Conditions Contributions Interesting Facts Homo Habilis lived in very basic shelters. The Homo Habilis was always on the move to find food. Their shelters were built out of fallen tree branches and leaves. They would stay under cliffs and hills as well. The Homo Habilis would find their food by mostly scavenging and occasionally hunting. Their diet is mostly vegetarian but contains whatever meat they can find. The Homo Habilis is supposedly the first stone makers. The choppers, core tools and smaller flakes were classified as Mode 1 technology. The Homo Habilis did not wear any clothing.

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Sources Stone Tools
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