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Black Holes

No description

Julia O

on 31 May 2015

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Transcript of Black Holes

Black Holes
By Julia Offenberger, Emme O'Toole, and Hanna Berkompas
What Are Black Holes?
-a hole in the fabric of space-time
-has a strong gravitational pull
-essentially impossible to observe because they never emit energy
-reflects no light

How Are They Formed?
-when massive star does not have anymore energy
-it releases nuclear fuels -then it bursts apart as supernova and its core collapses
-as it is being crushed, it is swallowed by gravity -becomes a black hole
Do Black Holes Die?
-Yes, in fact black holes do die
-but it would take a long long time for the black hole to evaporate into space
What Happens To An Object Near A Black Hole?
-depends on the size and mass of the hole
-black holes don't move, they are stationary
-event horizon = point at which escape is impossible
-object gets pulled in

What is the closest black hole?
Black Holes are all around us but they are very far away. But there is one close to our planet. It is called the V4641Sgr and is located in the Sagittarius arm of the Milkyway. Also it is a rare type of Black Hole too.
Why Choose This Topic?
Now,what comes across your mind when you hear black hole? Well, when we first heard about black holes, we were intrigued,we wanted to know more, and yet even after researching the project, there is still more to learn about black holes.
Thank you!
-there are no black holes in our solar system that are close enough to be a threat
-black holes were a very interesting topic to research
-thank you for listening!
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