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Bella Razakk

on 5 July 2015

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This section will brief on the tasks and activities completed during the entire industrial training program.
Accenture Sdn Bhd
Student Profile
Industrial Training Activities
Department Function
1. IT Strategy
2.Enterprise Architecture & Application Strategy
3. Information & Data strategy

4. Security
5. Infrastructure Consulting
Tuesday, July 7, 2015
Accenture Sdn Bhd
Organization that assesses ways to maximize the company’s performance and works with them to achieve their vision.
Develop and implement technology to improve their clients’ productivity and efficiency
Telekom Malaysia (TM)
Accenture team is sited in Telekom Malaysia (TM)
Project with TM called “TM Agile” which requires the project team to assist TM in their business enhancement
During internship, given the responsibility of controlling the records of Accenture situated in TM
Overview of Industrial Training
Background of the organization
Growth Platform
Assist in a digitization project for TM billing enhancement project
convert hardcopy bills into softcopy bills to reduce the expenses of printing bills.
possible idea to encourage customers to opt for softcopy bills sent through emails
existing bills were scanned to be stored as digital copies
Ad-hoc for a status meeting – slides preparation
Communicating with the user of the system whenever an issue
Prepared the User Story Documents (USD) for the project team
guide through the project team in completing their system development in TM
discuss on the USD until the an agreement is made with the Product Owners(PO) and a sign off of the document will be prepared.
Presenting slides in a meeting
Compilation of the documentation for the issues and defects
of the system

Organization of meetings and taking minutes
Initially called Andersen Consulting

Formally established in 1989

A global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company.

Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, and extensive research on the world’s most successful companies,

Accenture collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments.
attend meetings held by the project team
took attendance of the people who attends the meeting
Minutes of meeting are vital document of business
Three (3) categories in the minutes that have to be taken are Action Item, Request and Clarification.
Support administrative functions of the project team: records management and document controlling of the User Story Documents (USDs)
• Compiled printed USD and filed them according existing arrangement
• Updated the USDs in the shared drive by making sure all the latest version is available
• Printed and scanned the Sign Off document and updated in the shared drive to be used as a reference
Status meeting to update on the development of each project.
Requested from each leads for updates
Flashed the compiled slides, took attendance, prepared the minutes and emailed it to all the attendees.
Preparing system procedures for the system developed by the project team

steps of using the system is prepared as a training material.
Learned the system process
Took screen captures
A total of 9 system procedures were prepared
Printing, scanning and digitization of system development documents

Once the system procedures are completed- documents are scanned for digitization purpose.
Checked the screen captures to ensure it is viewable & clear
Issue may rise when the user starts to use the system procedure and test the system
Inform developers on issue, obtain feedback, inform back the user
present on the developer’s ethics slides in a meeting with the developers.
1 hour presentation is completed, once meeting ended, minutes and slides were shared to the developers.
Previous shared drive is no longer being used, thus shifting to the new shared drive.
Responsibility is given whereby all the documents needs to sync and the updated ones are in the new shared drive and nothing is missed as all the records are vital records of the business process.
Assisted in the migration of the records from the previous shared
drive to new shared drive
Testers will start to test on the functionality of the system based on test scenarios
Whenever an issue/defect rises, need to inform the developers.
Developers will try identify the cause and the possible solution.
All these issues/defects has to be compiled in an excel sheet with a standard format.
This section will brief on the involvement on a special project during the industrial training
Special Project
Application of knowledge, skills and experience in undertaking the task
This section will discuss on the topics below:
Application of knowledge, skills and experience in undertaking the task
Lesson learnt
Suitability of Organization
Limitations and Recommendations
TM Agile is another alternative to the existing system development process called “Waterfall”.
Agile development stresses rapid iterations, small and frequent releases, and evolving requirements facilitated by direct user involvement in the development process (Serena, 2007).
This section will describe on the list of roles that exists in Agile and their responsibilities in making Agile a success in delivering its product.
This section will describe on the type of records created in the department.
Users write “user stories” to describe the need the software should fulfill. User stories help the team to estimate the time and resources necessary to build the release and to define user acceptance tests (Serena, 2007).
USDs in TM Agile is used an evidence of the business process
Meetings will be held to have a discussion with the Product Owners (POs) to discuss and obtain agreement
Once an agreement is achieved, a USD sign off will be done
The document will be digitized and stored in the shared drive
This section will describe on the meetings held in the department to tailor the business processes.

• Daily Stand up
30 minute meeting to update the Product Owners on the latest progress in the system development (compulsory).

• Scrums of Scrums
45 minutes meeting whereby the scrum masters will to update on the progress of each project to the higher management.

• Status meeting
1 hour meeting with Agile IT Directors, Scrum Masters and Leads. Aimed in syncing up on the Agile status within the IT teams and discuss on the IT related issues.

Lesson Learnt
The overall industrial training has been focusing on the type of records being created in the department and the ways there are being managed, stored, arranged and disposed.

Main record in this department is the User Story Document (USD).

Meetings were attended, minutes were taken. Skills of note taking and handling meetings were obtained.

USD Sign Off document is prepared, documents are scanned and stored in the shared drive for references. System procedures were prepared.

A special project which focuses on TM billing enhancement.

The entire content of this training has been very knowledgeable and rich in inputs that can be used in future career development.

Skills of a records manager were helpful in assisting the department on their business development - by managing their vital documents - serves as an evidence for their business processes.
Suitability of organization
According to Accenture Technology Consulting: clearing the path for business growth (2013), they stated that, Accenture aims in getting the right content to the right people at the right time. Relevance is the critical differentiating factor in marketing today. Relevance is what maximizes response. It requires acting on data insights, customizing messages by consumer segments, and making adjustments all in real time and across every digital channel from email and social networks to websites and online advertising.
Accenture’s business principle complies with the principle of records management of providing the right information at the right time to the right person.
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