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African American females 1980s - 2010


Nico McLaurin

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of African American females 1980s - 2010

African American females 1980s - 2010
The Crack Cocaine
The crack cocaine epidemic started when cocaine was discovered to be cheaply made and sold at a higher price (crack). This incident started when a big shipment of cocaine was sent to the US and prices dropped 80% from the original price. This caused most of the population to become addicted and drug dealers to become rich. eventually crack was allowed in all states but 4, and this epidemic began to spread to other countires. This epidemic caused lives and families to be ruined, added new laws of possession, and ruined states reputations. To people who weren't using drugs, drugs = poverty
Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Katrina brought awarness to the fact that most African Americans are in the lower class. For example one of the hardest hit places was a lower class neighborhood and its no coencidence that that neighborhood was 98% African American. Hurrican Katrina also helped shine light on the fact that African Americans are still being discriminated aginst. After the destruction of Hurricane Katrina African American mothers ere forced to resort to looting becuase they could not provide for themselves or there family. So the national gaurd was ordered to stop looters instead of look for surrviors
Election of Barack Obama
by Nico, Tyler, Nick, and Skylar

Lower class
african american females
Michael Jackson's "Thriller"
Rodney King Trial
1984 Reagan Landslide Election
Economic Recession
The economic recession caused high unemployment rates for African American females. African American mothers started with 7 out of 10 of them being employed and then during the economic recession that dropped to just 1 out of 10 being employed. The povery caused by the economic recession also put African American females and there families in neighborhoods with high crime rates, low income and little oppurtunity for education.
In 2008 Barack Obama became the
first African American president. The most ever African American women voted in this election. Over 90% of African Americans still support Barack Obama. This election increased the confidence of African American women because it showed that all races were becoming closer to having equal opportunities. This election also gave African American women motivation because it showed they could become president too.
On April 29, 1992, a jury freed 4 police officers of their charges. They had been accused of using too much force to arrest Rodney King, an African American motorist. This made Africans very mad, causing riots on the days following this decision. Thousands of people went into the streets and stole from stores. After these riots, the four police officers were accused of violating the rights of Rodney King during his trial. This trial showed that there was still prejudice towards African Americans. This also showed that whites will only treat African Americans equally in extreme cases.
The percentage of african american women has increased dramatically when introducing the subject of college enrollment. African american woem have gradually climed up the ladder of education. Not only african american women but women everywhere. 25% of african american women have been aloud to enroll in schooling which in the long run will make a huge economical output. 45% of women were in fact aloud to earn a decent payroll.
Job Difficulties of the African American Woman

African American females in 2010 still have troubles finding high income jobs. They still make considerably less than white and asain women and are more likely to live in poverty. In fact, African American women make just a tiny fraction of a penny for every dollar a white women makes. Also the average black women made just $20,197 a year while the average white women made $29,347. This means that the average white women made $9,150 more than the average African American women. These lower averages do not reflect the fact that black women have beeen working harder on their education and starting more business. They also are experiencing higher unemployment rates with 9.9% compared to 5.1%
of white women.

The major increase in college applications:
The 1984 presidential election was one of the biggest landslide election. Reagan received 525 electoral votes while Mondale only received 13. This is the second largest number of electoral votes a president has won an election by. In this election, Geraldine Ferraro was the first woman to be on the ballot of a major political party. In addition Jesse Jackson, an African American ran for president in this election. This election gave African American women confidence due to a woman running with the democratic presidential candidate and an African American running for president.
Other Notable Events
1991- Clarence Thomas became the second African American Supreme Court justice. This gave African American women confidence because it showed African Americans had many more opportunities to hold political positions than before.

2005- Condoleezza Rice becomes the first African American female Secretary of State. This gave African Americans confidence and motivation because it showed African American women were able to hold political positions.

2007- A court rules that keeping schools diverse by considering the race of students was unconstitutional. This upset African American women because the decision supported segregating schools.
Thriller caused the music industry to rise. This song raised the bar on how music videos were made. It really showed what people could do when combining music with a video. This was the first song to have it's video look and feel like a movie. It also changed people's viewpoints on african american music. lots of people began to respect and like their music and not treat african americans like a different species. Michael Jackson's music changed MTV, forcing on better video quality and helped break down the racial barrier in music. This song is the best selling song in the US, selling more than 50 million copies worldwide.
Sally Ride: The First
Woman in Space
Sally Ride went to Stanford University. When she applied for NASA's astronaught program, she beat 1,000 people for the position. She rode the Challenger. She applied for the career, went through training, and got the opportunity to go into space all in a year. She is a live representation of how women's rights have changed and hpw gender doesn't matter when it comes to jobs. It shows that women are just as qualified as men are. She won the NASA space flight medal, the NCAA's Theodore Roosevelt award, and was an inspiration to girls al across the US
Skylar (change1 )
Halle berry's education speech after oscar-
HAlle berry gave a long speech with a short shpeal about womens educations rights. i do believe this is a change in the situation because women united more within the education community and it built up a stronger shield against people who thought all was pointless.
Skylar (change 2)
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