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Jakarta: an emerging global city

No description

alita nuzulia

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Jakarta: an emerging global city

Jakarta: an emerging global city
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Jakarta can be said to be in various dimensions. It is because of the bustling activities in the city
The diverse ethnic and cultural populations that shape Indonesia can be said as a reminder of the nation's motto
Jakarta has been improving in lifestyle,such as there are more shopping centers, more entertaining places
Cultural and Lifestyle
Sunda kelapa
Substantial place that impacts greatly in financial and services in globalization
There are seven key criteria of global city that lists by Renn:
Centre to major stock exchanges and indexes
Having significant role n political affairs globally
Centre to world-renowned cultural organization
Providing main media hub
Having major transit networks
Owning extensive international airport
Home to leading skyline
The firm also adds 5 key points to determine a global city:
Human resources
Business activity
Information exchange
Political affairs
Global City
All business and governance are centered here, therefore such a modern, accommodating and inviting building can be a vital asset of nation in order to attract foreign investors
Jakarta has been evolving into a global city by looking its:
Political affairs
Information exchange
Human capital
Jakarta as the upcoming global city
Capital city of Indonesia
It was acknowledged by the foreign traders as Sunda Kelapa
And changed into Jayakarta by the Portuguese
Alita Nuzulia R.

This figure displays rank of 66 global cities in the world accordingly from the most global to the last
In 2008, Jakarta sat in level 48, but its movement negatively in every two years and was positioned in rank 54 in 2012
A.T. Kearney states that Jakarta's economy has become even more influential than before which results in the up-coming numbers of domestic and foreign investores
Jakarta's economy
This picture displays how GDP of Indonesia escalated stably from 2006 to 2013. To note that all business most likely is centered in Jakarta.
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