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Han Dynasty

No description

Kevin Donohue

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Han Dynasty

The Height of Ancient China The Han Dynasty Liu Bang Emperor Wudi Social Classes The Family Daily Life Han Achievements Han Dynasty: 206 BC - 220 AD - Peasant who leads an army
- Claims Mandate of Heaven
- Establishes Han Dynasty
- Lowers taxes and punishments
- Educated government employees - 140 BC comes to the throne
- Seeks stronger central government
- Takes land from lords
- Raises taxes
- Takes control of grain supply
- Establishes Confucian exams to get gov. jobs - Modeled on Confucianism
1. Emperor, court, gov. officials
2. Peasants - produced food
3. Artisans - produced goods
4. Merchants - did not produce anything
- Military not part of the classes, fell in with gov. -60 million people in China
- 90% were peasants
- Worked in fields during summer
- Worked for gov. during winter
- High taxes leads to an end of independence
- Life centered on village
- Wealthy class
- Many decorations
- Multilevel homes - Confucianism leads to a rebirth of the family
- Disobedience of parents = crime
- Women have to obey husband
- Burial sites served as a place to honor family
- Boys more honored --> carry on family - Literature and art grow
- Portraits and poetry popular
- Sima Qian - history of China up to Han
- Inventions
- Paper - plant fibers dried into sheets
- Sundial
- Seismograph
- Acupuncture
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