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True Wedding Events: Wedding Design using Pinterest

Pinterest can be used in productive ways rather than a procrastination tactic

Dana FitzGerald

on 6 April 2013

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Transcript of True Wedding Events: Wedding Design using Pinterest

A Tool for Inspiration A Source of Organization, Inspiration, We take the literal... We then take all the information gained from the meetings, the intake form and all the inspiration we've jointly collected and we... Social networking sites are:
Time Wasters
Futile There is a way to use
this site in a productive
capacity- especially in terms of wedding design and planning Pinterest is both easy
to use and a good source
to find and save wedding inspiration in one place. My brides, vendors and I use Pinterest productively- every day! presented by:
Aimee Hardenbergh
True Wedding Events Topic: The Use of Pinterest in Your Wedding Design Although some believe... Counter argument: What is Pinterest Exactly?: Let's watch... Pinterest in 90 Seconds: Sharing & Design for your Wedding TRUE WEDDING EVENTS presents... So how does PINTEREST translate to me, my planner and the design of my wedding? It's Simple! PINTEREST IS NOT! HERE IS HOW We then ask the bride to create a board of their favorite "Top 30" pins. And then have a design meeting. Create presentation boards and sketches to share with the bride based on our interpretation of her boards. Then comes our presentation to the bride. Here's how that process looks: Bride's edited "Top 30" board: This where True Wedding Events start the designing and planning! PINTEREST Bride's 1st round Pinterest Boards: 136 pins on initial boards fun! (let's see how) And make it We take the literal... And this is how we finish. Then brainstorm and edit possibilities MAGICAL!!!!!!! The End. questions?? Inspiration Execution photo of inspiration image
to come example 1: example 2: example 3: We get to know our brides very well which allows us to interpret and execute their vision seamlessly. We then urge our brides to create Pinterest boards full of inspiration for their wedding and to share them with us. Initially our brides fill out an intake form for us which allows us to get to know them and their personal and unique love story. As our brides' are pinning we also are gathering inspiration and pinning a "secret board" for them on our Pinterest account. This allows for easy collaboration. Interpret all the information. From the design meeting we... We take the many
ideas... This is how we start And edit, refine and
finesse them in a presentation.... example 4: example 5: example 6: http://pinterest.com/twebride/ http://pinterest.com/twebride/wedding-top-30/
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