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The Effect of Technology on Child and Teen Development

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Claire Mayes

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of The Effect of Technology on Child and Teen Development

“Personal investment changes things, and we’re all going to be a lot more invested in other,
like-minded people’s
lives. We’re going to travel with our friends while we stay home. We’re going to view news events first-person, often through the eyes of group members
we’ll know far better than most of our family members

- Tad Williams
The Effects on Friendships
The Effects on Confidence
“Even after he unplugs, he

the stimulation
he gets from his electronic gadgets. He forgets things like dinner plans, and
he has trouble focusing on his family
… it seems like he can no longer be fully
in the moment
-Brenda Campbell
"A lot of the teens I talk to, they'll have like 30 followers. It's a small world for them, as opposed to trying to grow large followings. There are teens who are themselves microcelebrities, which is a different game. There are also a lot of teens who use Twitter around interests. An obsession with One Direction, and just talking to other One Direction people. That becomes Twitter, and then they'll use Instagram with another group of friends. This one girl I talked to said, 'Yeah, if you're not into the things that I'm into, don't follow me on Twitter.'" -Danah Boyd
The Effects of Technology on Child and Teen Development

By Claire Mayes
Effects on The Family
“The thing for me is it's less about focusing on the technology and more about focusing holistically on a particular young person and how they're doing” -Danah Boyd
“Our challenge in the coming century will be to
resist hiding in the comfort
of these self-made bubbles, to remember that there will also be a growing number of other bubbles, large and small, and each one will contain people who feel just as strongly as we do about their own individual truths, passions, and needs.”
-Tad Williams
The Effects on Bullying
The Effects of Virtual Reality
Technology has the ability to take us to new worlds and seemingly better realities. Children and teens are going to grow up with this. How do we accept virtual reality while also helping our loved ones to see the beauty of life as we know it?
The Effects on Education
The Effects on Learning and Memory
"I'm less concerned about the adults because we ultimately have the discernment to go back and forth. But children may never have formed those precious abilities to attend and focus in a very concentrated way in order for them to connect to their own best thoughts... the two most important things I would ever tell parents:
around the dinner table every single night; and
every single day to your children"
-Maryanne Wolf

"It is not coincidental that in tandem with the rise of social media and gaming, which teenagers absorb more readily than any other group in society, we've seen the emergence of an
in Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in the United States"
-Jeremy Holden
The End
Special thanks to the Mullen babies for all of their help
Click for 8-year old wisdom
4-year old wisdom
The Last Gem
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