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Does Your Source Pass the CRAAP Test?

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Alison Paulette

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Does Your Source Pass the CRAAP Test?

Does Your Source Pass the CRAAP Test?
How do you know if your information is appropriate for research?
Use the CRAAP Test!
Check out this site:
Tools for Evaluating Sources

No, not money. How current is your information?
Look for:
Date of posting, publication, update, or copyright
Are the links functional?
Posting, publication, updates, and copyrights can usually be found at the bottom of the page or under FAQ or About Us
Is the information unique and does it meet your needs?
Look for:
Does it answer your essential questions?
Is there better information in another source?
Is it available in other formats? (print, electronic)
Who or what is the source of the information?
Look for:
The author/creator/sponsor on a FAQ or About Us page
What are the author's credentials? You can always google the author and see what pops up.
Is there contact information?
Is the author affiliated with an organization or sponsor that may have a hidden agenda?
Is the information correct and truthful?
Look for:
Are source citations given for the information?
Can verify information in other sources?
Has the source been reviewed and evaluated previously?
Does the language or tone seem inflammatory or biased?
What is reason/purpose of the website and is there a bias or prejudice?
Look for
Mission statements/FAQ/About Us
domain .org, .com can often have a bias
What kinds of advertising content, if any, is on the site?
Inflammatory language
Statements in absolutes
You must weigh all these factors to determine if you source is a good academic source or if there are better alternatives. There is no absolute right or wrong.
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