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Information Literacy for Students

No description

charlie sealey

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Information Literacy for Students

Navigating the "maze" of information on the internet can be a daunting task. With a little help, the goal of
becoming a 21st Century Learner is just around the corner! You made it through the Maze! It is possible learn to use the Internet the "right" way! Question -- You should identify key concepts in a question and use appropriate vocabulary to create efficient and effective searches -- TRANSLATE your question into an appropriate search Search -- Understand how digital information is organized and select appropriate digital resources that address your question. -- SELECT appropriate digital resources based upon their characteristics. -- DETERMINE other appropriate resources, from these digital resources. REVISE your search to better address your question. Strategy -- Select digital search tools based on their ability to work efficiently to provide effective results that are related to their learning goal. Am I using the best tools to accomplish what I need to find? VARY your search engine use. Do not rely on one search engine.
Use search engines other than Google. ex: Dogpile NAVIGATE hyperlinks efficiently to find information -- FOLLOW site directories in an effective manner. Evaluation --Determine the quality, reliability and validity of information gathered and whether it correlates to the presented question. DETERMINE if the information provided addresses the question. DECIDE if a search revision is needed. DISCERN between reliable and unreliable information/resources through external fact check.
Is this information true? ANALYZE results to determine if a redress of question and/or search query is necessary.
Do I need to go back and research it again? Ethical Use -- Learn to use digital information in an ethical manner. Is this the "moral" way to use the information? DECIDE whether or not the digital information you found should be used. DETERMINE how to appropriately present the information. ACCREDIT all sources appropriately.
Have I properly cited my sources?
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