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MOSAiQ Cinemagical Experiences

No description

Roberto Sagramoso

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of MOSAiQ Cinemagical Experiences


CINEVATION at work Miguel Berrios
Roberto Sagramoso
Alexander James Tran
Kevin Murphy
Brianna J-borg
Heather Markel Cinevation at Work Problems Research Mission Statement Building Located in Scenic Sausalito, CA
50,000 sft
2 Floors
5 theaters + IMAX
Beatiful Views

SPECIAL FEATURES Ultra Ticket Box Office Sustainable Special Theatres Drinks and food Special Theater Restrooms with TVs Outdoor Drive-In Conference Center During the Day Assigned Seating
Staggered Pricing
Paper free tickets
Preview Screens at Booth
Movie "Passport"
All Day Pass

Lounge Seating
2 IMAX theaters
In-Theater Restooms
Additional Features Green Label Plus Carpeting
Solar Panels on Roof
LEED Gold Certification
Paper free tickets
Biodegradable food containers
Bamboo decor

Gaudy, Cheesy Interior
Expensive Snacks
No Full Meal Options
No Alcohol Service
Useless Lobby - Arcade, No Chairs
Not "Special Experience" Anymore
See Video Free Popcorn
High-End Bar
Restaurants in Theater Went to Cinemark Theater in
South Bend
Shared Previous Theater
Online Research
See Video Paparazzi Style Cameras
Valet Parking
Fuego Wireless Headphones
Call in food service
Car hops
Second run movies
Vision Statement Mosaiq’s vision is to become the most recognized movie theater on the globe. Being the best implies providing an outstanding experience and superior service. We will earn our customers’ preference through continuous improvement driven by integrity, enthusiasm, teamwork and most importantly, "cine-vation" of the Mosaiq Group. The Mosaiq promise is to make the movie theater experience the best one for everyone and anyone. Our proposition is simple and timeless – to provide the best experience to our customers through innovative features and products. To accomplish this we are always in the lookout for what is new in the market since we are constantly reinventing ourselves to keep the movie-going experience a special one. So as the world changes and we evolve, we never cease to provide the best movie experience, the Mosaiq Experience. "Floitering" Space Any Questions?
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