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Kate Spade Advertisement

No description

Tina Nguyen

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of Kate Spade Advertisement

Welcome to the World of
Kate Spade New York was founded in January 1993 as Kate Spade Handbags by Kate Brosnahan Spade.
Craig Levitt became CEO of Kate Spade New York in 2007 along with Deborah Lloyd as President/Creative Director. This duo made Kate Spade the company that it is today.
Famous Person Testimonials
Bryce Dallas Howard was the first celebrity to appear in a Kate Spade Advertisement Campaign. She was the face of Kate Spade's 2011 Year of Color Campaign. she appearance directly followed the release of The Twilight Saga Eclipse in which she played an important and prior to the release of The Help, in which she also played an important role.
Clothes from the film The Help are very Kate Spade-esque.
Short Films
In an interview with CEO, Craig Levitt. . .
When Levitt came on board in 2008, the brand was at a lull, and it was his job to bring it back to life.
"We wanted to modernize the product offering and build on the DNA and the heritage of the brand.
". . . we really wanted to engage with our girl. Engagement drives commerce. The more engaged a girl is with the brand, the more valuable she is to us."
We have
young people
live and breathe social media
and are immersed in it every minute of every day. We allow them to lead and trust them in this space
."- Craig Levitt
Along with Youtube and Print Ads, Kate Spade utilizes a
blog, Pintrest, Tumblr, and Instagram .
By Doing so, Kate Spade is also establishing a lifestyle for their consumers.
Instagram and Pintrest
December 2012
Pathos: These short films put on the Kate Spade Youtube Channel evoke emotions. They make the average Kate Spade girl feel happy, therefore wanting to buy their products which will also make you happy.
August 2007
December 2007
2013: Targeting an even younger audience. Making Kate Spade affordable. 50% cheaper with prices lower than $130.
Logos: More practical for the average woman.
Snob Appeal: Makes a girl want to be special, recognized, and elite
Bandwagon: Many people are going to these parties, and if you wear this perfume, you can too.
Hidden Fear: This product will help you fit in with this society
Tina Nguyen
Plain Folks
"We are really fortunate that we had already developed an authentic voice and persona for our brand.
The Kate Spade girl aspires to lead an interesting life — to engage in the arts and literature and travel and adventure.
We talk about those things on social media because that's who she is, and she wants to hear about what her peers are doing. It feels very very natural for us." -Craig Levitt
2011: Wedding Belles
Hidden Fear Appeal: Can't afford the clothes that will make you fit in/stand out
Kate Spade is:
Quirky, Modern, Special, and Feminine.
Classy, Chic, Retro, Vintage Hipster.
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