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Elements of Satire

World Cultures WC

Ben Bailey

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Elements of Satire

Elements of Satire Hyperbole: Extreme exaggeration to make a point

Keep it subtle, strangely realistic, but absurdly out of proportion at the same time. Sarcasm: Using irony in a humorous way or tone to express the opposite of what you mean.

Argue a point that is the opposite of what you actually believe. Argue for the opposition in order to show how ridiculous it is. Humor: Use humor to reach your audience.

Don't be crude, but be willing to tell a joke for the purpose of discussing a very serious issue. Human Nature: Tap into human nature, have a point.
And it should usually bite...

Use guilt-trips, and discuss common elements in life that we all know, understand, and care about; children, old people, pets. Give it a try, respond to the following by using a guilt-trip:

"During the 2009-10 school year, 19,040 homeless students attended Oregon public schools, a 5.5 percent increase from last year. The percentage of homeless students in Oregon has increased 134 percent since the state began counting seven years ago." Give it a try: Argue for the following idea in such a way that it becomes a turn-off, a ridiculous idea to support:

The GBSD should consider a district-wide policy of requiring school uniforms for all students. Give it a try: Give your opinion on the following topic in an extremely outrageous way in order to show how stupid it would be to do what you are saying to do:

Explain how to deal with the North Korean Communist regime. Give it a try: Write a short one-liner joke to make a point about one of the following subjects:

Drunk Driving
The National Debt What is the real point of this article, and what tools does the author use to make that point?
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