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Comparing a Car to an animal cell

This awesome

Aashish Varrey

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Comparing a Car to an animal cell

Project by: Aashish Varrey and Cole Sabad THE CAR Nucleus Chromatin Mitochondria Endoplasmic Reticulum Ribosomes Golgi Bodies Vacuole Cell membrane Lysosomes Function: Controls all activities in the cell

Car Part: Driver

Why?: The driver controls the actions of the car just like the nucleus controls the cell Function: Substance containing DNA, RNA, and other proteins

Car Part: The instruction manual

Why?: The instruction manual explains how to operate the car just like how the chromatin contains the DNA which explains how the cell is run. Function: Makes energy for the cell from food

Car Part: The Engine

Why?: The engine gives the car the energy it needs to run just like the mitochondria gives energy to the cell Function: Packages and sorts materials Function: The storage area of a cell
around the cell

Car Part: Truck that carries cars Car Part: Gas tank and/or the trunk

Why?: Transports cars just like Golgi Why?: Stores materials for the car
bodies transports materials just like the vacuole stores materials
for the cell Function: Transports materials around the cell Function: Makes proteins for the cell

Car Part: Tubes Car Part: Horse power of the engine

Why?: The tubes get gas and oil to the engine Why?: The amount of horse power gets you
just like the E.R. transports materials around where you need to go just like the ribosomes
the cell give proteins to the cell Function: Controls what comes in and out of the cell

Car Part: Doors and windows

Why?: Doors and windows let people/things in and out of the car just like the cell membrane controls what comes in and out of the cell Function: Breaks down old cell parts and recycles them

Car Part: Junkyard where old cars are taken

Why?: The junkyard reuses and recycles old cars just like lysosomes reuse and recycles old cell parts THE CAR THIS PRESENTATION WAS AWESOME THANK YOU FOR WATCHING ANY QUESTIONS?????? Special thanks to prezi for making this possible
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