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Japanese Internment of WWII

A lesson on why Japanese Americans were interned during WWII

luke sponsler

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Japanese Internment of WWII

Fog of War: A Look at the Japanese Internment of WWII
To examine an event in relation to the situation it occurred.
In other words to place yourself in the time of the events going on.
Today we will investigate the question:
Why were Japanese and Japanese Americans interned during WWII?
internment: to detain especially during war
What are some of the reasons for internment offered in the newsreel?
How does the newsreel portray the internment? Is it negative or positive?
Who do you think was the intended audience for this newsreel?
Has anyone's hypothesis changed? Why or why not?
Do you find these documents more or less trustworthy than the government newsreel? Why or Why not?
Why is the date of the Munson report important?
We are going to conduct a 3 round investigation to answer our question.

Why were Japanese and Japanese Americans interned during WWII?

Each round you will form a new hypothesis.
Hypothesis: An informed guess on why something occurs.
Which of these documents do you think has a better explanation of Japanese Internment? Why?
Why were the Japanese interned during WWII?
Use evidence from the documents to support your hypothesis.
"A day that will live in infamy."
Vocabulary Review
detain against your will
place in context
famous for a bad
educated guess
to show, to depict
to disrupt
to collect
By 1946 all the internment camps had closed
In 1988 President Reagan signs HR 442 into law acknowledging that the incarceration of 110,000 individuals of Japanese descent was unjust. The U.S. government offers an apology and payments of 20,000 for each person incarcerated.
Resources for Further Research:

Colors of Confinement
Children of the Camps
Japanese American Internment Wiki
WWII Internment Atlantic Magazine
Final Questions or Thoughts?
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