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Norse Mythology

No description

lavinia ned

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Norse Mythology

The Creation of the World NORSE MYTHOLOGY The End of the World

Ragnarok Other beings Valkyries Trolls Land
Spirits Dwarves Elves Norse mythology in populare culture Literature Music Games Comics Television Muspellsheimr Niflheimr Ginnungagap Ymir Odin Odin, Vili, Ve Ymir Sol Mani Hati Skoll Balder Surt Lif Liftrasir Final Fantasy Thanks for watching! The Nine Worlds Yggdrasil 1. Asgard 2. Vanaheim 3. Alfheim 4. Midgard 5. Svartalfheim 6. Jotunheim 7.Niflheim 8. Muspelheim 9. Helheim The Gods Odin Thor Loki Frigg Balder Heimball Freyr Tyr Njoror Freya Buri
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