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Neal Sheran

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Nutrition

Nutrition Alameda County Health Pipeline Partnership (ACHPP) By the end of this presentation you should be able to:

1) List the parts of the gastrointestinal system
2) Explain how long it takes to train to become a doctor,
a medical assistant, a registered nurse and a nutritionist.
3) Prepare yourself two healthy snacks. Learning objectives Learning objectives Antonio goes to the Doctor Jeopardy Overview Healthy snacks Antonio goes to the doctor: Antonio must go to his doctor to have his sports physical approved for basketball this season Antonio calls his doctor's office and Carla, the medical assistant answers the phone. She asks him for his insurance information, his date of birth and the reason for his visit. She schedules him to come in next Tuesday.

Antonio arrives at Dr. Brown's office, his family doctor that he has seen since he was a baby. Carla, the medical assistant is at the front desk. She has him fill out some paperwork, registers him in the computer and asks him to take a seat in the waiting room

Charles, the registered nurse asks antonio to follow him. Charles takes his blood pressure, his temperature and his height and weight. Charles asks him how he's feeling, and Antonio says that he had a cold a few weeks ago, but feels good now and just came to get his sport's physical filled out. Charles leaves and tells Dr. Brown that Antonio is ready for his appointment.

Dr. Brown comes in to the examining room. "Antonio, good to see you!" Dr. Brown examines him, and tells him that he is in good health except he noticed that Antonio has gained extra weight this year. Antonio is 20 pounds overweight. Dr. Brown asks him what he has been eating. Antonio says that he doesn't have time to eat right and has been eating a lot of fast food. Dr. Brown says that this is pretty common, and tells him he is going to send him to the nutritionist to help him figure out some ways to eat healthy when you have little free time. Antonio goes to the Doctor: 1) Who are some of the health care professionals Antonio met or heard about at the doctors office?

2) What does Antonio need to do to improve his health? Antonio goes to the Doctor Antonio's doctor tells him that he is overweight and Antonio says that one of his problems is that he does not have enough time to prepare healthy food. So, he eats fast food. Antonio goes to the nutritionist who teaches him about nutrition, shows him a few easy ways to stay healthy and teaches him to make easy-to-prepare healthy snacks. Nutrition Basics Tips to stay healthy Start your day with breakfast.

Drink water and nonfat or lowfat (1%) milk instead of soda.
Plan your meals ahead of time, so you have the food for your recipes.
Carry healthy snacks with you, such as nuts, raisins, apples, and carrots. Healthy snacks: Now we will break off into groups: 1)Break off into groups of 4-5 people
2) We will give you a recipe and the ingredients
3) work with your group members to prepare the recipe
4) we will come back together in 15 minutes to share the food and explain how we prepared it. Review: 1) How many parts are there to the small intestine?

2) What training do you need to become a medical assistant?

3)Name one tip on how to eat healthier Nutrition basics What are the three main sources of fuel for the body? Carbohydrates
Protein Carbs Fats Protein Foods high in carbohydrates include: fruits, vegetables, rice, cereal, bread, corn meal and pasta. Can you name others?
Carbs are broken down into glucose, which is your bodies main source of energy for exercise.
Eat foods high in carbohydrates before a long exercise like running, hiking or swiming.
Try to eat carbohydrates that are
made from "whole" grains because they contain more vitamins and more fiber. Foods high in protien include meats, fish, eggs, yogurt, nuts and beans. Can you name others?
Protein is used to build muscle.
Eat foods high in protein before lifting weights. A cheap way of this is drinking a large glass of milk before and after lifting. Your body needs some fat to survive
Foods high in healthy fats include: olive oil, nut oils avocados, and many fish have healthy omega-3-fatty acids.
unhealthy fats include "trans" fats like margarine and most deep fried fast foods. These fats make you have high cholesterol and can eventually lead to a heart attack. Nutrition Basics The only secret to eating right is eating foods in moderation Nutrition Basics
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