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Bioeconomy (ERDI)

No description

Helena Puhakka-Tarvainen

on 31 July 2016

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Transcript of Bioeconomy (ERDI)

is economy, which uses renewable natural resources to produce food, energy, products and services.
Forestry and
forest industry
Environmental technology and protection
Natural products
Chemical industry
For example:
Agriculture and food processing
Bioeconomy is transformation of biomass into products (CEPI)
Bioeconomy is processes related to natural resources (Luke)

Circular economy
Waste treatment
Energy production
Bioeconomy aims for diminishing the dependency in fossil resources, for preventing ecosystem loss, and for promoting business and creating jobs sustainably
(Finnish strategy for Bioeconomy)

Wood construction
New materials
Bioeconomy is business and production, where you benefit renewable natural materials and develop related innovations and technologies. Bioeconomy also promotes the systemic change towards renewable society.

Technology industry
Gene technology
Enzyme technology
Blue bioeconomy
Nature and ecosystem services
Experience tourism
Quietness tourism
Rural tourism
Green care
Animal therapy
Through bioeconomy it is possible to reach safer food, which is produced, fertilized and processed by minimizing climate effects and maximizing positive health effects (Biotalous.fi)

Bioeconomy is a new way to think and act! (Sitra)

Bioeconomy can also be seen as a revolution towards new businesses and society

Kohtaavatko osaaminen ja työelämän tarpeet biotalous- ja ympäristöalalla?
Keräämme tietoa työelämän osaamistarpeista avoimen korkeakoulutuksen kehittämiseksi. Etsimme myös yhteistyöyrityksiä ja -organisaatioita sekä lisäkoulutuksesta kiinnostuneita henkilöitä uusien sisältöjen ja oppimismenetelmien pilotointiin.

Ota yhteyttä ja kerro ajatuksesi!
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