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New Hampshire AM

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on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of New Hampshire AM

New Hampshire AM
Historic Location
Interesting Facts
New Hampshire's Economy
New Hampshire's History
New Hampshire's Geography
New Hampshire's Government
Road Trip Distance
Jenna Thompson was a Olympic swimmer.
state amphibian spotted newt.
economic location
Alan B.Sheperd was the 1st american to travel in space.
The state bird is the purple finch.
The state animal is the white-tailed deer.
The state tree is white birch.
The state flower is the purple lilac.
the state gem stone is the smoky quart.
the state sport is skiing.
There are 400 state representatives.
The governor is Maggie Hassan
a climate map shows the general information about the climate.
a road map is a map that tells you were to go on a road.
a political map shows state bounders.
These are maps of New Hampshire
a physical map is if something is cold its blue and if something is hot it is red
There are 2 democrats
A really beautiful sight.Its a great place for fishing.Would you like to visit concord.
The sky is sometimes foggy and sometimes it is blue.
There are rare swaps,that are called black gum swamps.Black gum swamps are also called black tupelo.A guider can guide you through.
Fox State Forest
Forest Fibre Company, in
Berlin, New Hampshire
President Pierce's Homestead
Located in Hillsborough, NH
Concord is New Hampshire's state capital.
there are more than 1,300 lakes.
there are 9,351 square miles in New Hampshire.
the beaches are more rocky than sandy along the coastline.
NH is the 5th smallest state.
in 1853 to 1857 Franklin Pierce was elected president.Many battles were fought in new Hampshire.Martin Pring is the 1st european to explore new Hampshire.
the soil is good for trees.And more than 83% of the state is covered in forests.The water power from the rivers once supplied energy for a fast-growing industrial economy.
Berlin to Hillsborough to Fox State Forest to Concord to Woodsville to WCE is 2,246 miles
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