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Why the assyrians were so important

why assyria is better than the other places

Michael Yi

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Why the assyrians were so important

Why Assyria was the most
important empire of the time The empires that Assyria is being compared
to includes Babylonian, Chaldea, and Sumer Many people may argue that the other empires
were more influential than Assyria WRONG they are Without the Assyrians, the world would have been so different, the Assyrians influenced the world in a number of ways. Sumer was one of the first civilizations in ancient Mesopotamia
Sumerians were workers, they invented math and wheels and
written language to help them with their jobs. That makes people wonder
why Sumer wasn't the most
important. Inventing something is not the important part.
The important part is using the invention to
it's potential. Some of the noteworthy things that the Sumerians
invented includes the wheel and math. Sumerians
were not able to master the usage of these two items.
Assyria used to wheel to build military vehicles that
could take down walls, and math to create the lens. Why Assyria is more important then other Empires. Sumer Although it was true Assyria's development started as
a part of Sumer, it quickly expanded into the biggest and
greatest empire of Mesopotamia. Meanwhile Sumer was
being replaced by Akkad. Chaldea Chaldea was famous mainly for it's advances
in the subject of astronomy. Chaldea had a great influence on the Babylonian empire and
it supported Babylonian war with Assyria. Chaldea didn't
have much of an influence on Mesopotamia by itself. It
was however famous for being a large part in Babylonia's
politics. Even some of Babylonia's kings were of Chaldean
origins. Babylonia Babylonia was famous for it's inventions
The first code of law
The calender and
24 hour days,
and some improvements in math
and astronomy. Nothing the Babylonians invented
would exist if it had not been for Assyria. Babylonia conquered Assyria with Chaldea's
help. But that was because Assyria was weak
at that time because of the government. Also
Assyria ended a while after Babylonia conquered
it. What Assyria did that made
it so important. Inventions Assyria started the development of
many military vehicles and just vehicles
in general. However they were
influential in more
subjects than just
simply war Not only did their inventions and developments
influence Mesopotamia, it also influenced other
places across the globe. Assyria was famous for conquering and controlling such a large and diverse empire, to do that Assyrians had a lot of developments in weapons and were amongst the first users of the horse driven war chariots, carrying archers. They were the first people to introduce chivalry units in the army. The Assyrians actually had a military, before Assyria there was just groups of people hitting each other with banana peels. The Assyrians are reputed to have been the first people to have employed regular paid officers, and to have used Military Governors of captured terrtory, Psychological Warfare, Skirmishers and Combat-Engineers. They were the first to use combative vehicles. They were also the first to develop iron weaponry and tools made out of stronger material. So when the other empires fought them, it was like fighting a man with a sword using a banana. Bananas are good weapons, but not as good. They also had a special tactic for conquering which I will describe right now. However, other then simply being physically strong. The Assyrians were also very smart. They developed military tactics, they also specialized in psychological warfare. THE END Let's look at what
the Assyrians invented And some sophisticated medical
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ASSYRIA First, a quick lesson on what Assyria
is like. Assyrians used two languages: Akkadian and Aramic. When they used Akkadian language they used clay tablets for writing in about 750 B.C., THen they started using parchment, leather, or papyrus. Aramic was the second official language of the Assyria since 752 B.C. is Aramic.It caused lots of changes in Assyria. The brand of Aramaic that Assyrians spoke was, and is, heavily infused with Akkadian words, so much so that scholars refer to it as Assyrian Aramaic. Assyrians were famous for controlling
such a large and diverse empire. They
expanded from a little part of Sumer
into an Empire that stretched from eastern
Mediterranean coast to the head of the Persian Gulf.
Assyria existed from c. 2500 to 612 BC Assyria’s location is about in north Mesopotamia and spans four countries as you also can see on the map: In Syria it went to the wast to the Euphrates river; In turkey it went to the north to Harran, Edessa, Diyarbakir,and Lake Van; In Iran it went to the east to the Lake Urmi, and in Iraq it went to about 100 miles south of Kirkuk. Assyria had controlled many lands in the ancient Near East. Also you can see, there’re two rivers run through the Assyria, which named Tigris and Euhprates. There was two most common religion they believed in: Ashurism, the first religion of the Assyrians and the Christianity, which was first accepted by Assyrians. The god of Assyrian's name is Ashur. The Assyrian Church was founded in 33 A.D. by Thomas, Bortholemew and Thaddeus. Library In 600 BCE, the last Assyrian king began to collecting a library in his capital city - Nineveh, most of clay tablets of all the literature of Sumer, Babylon, and Assyria. When the library had founded, there are over 30,000 tablets still remained. Can you imagine how many had destroyed, how many were there actually has?The tablets are the most importance source of knowledge about the ancient Mesopotamia. Including the story of Gilgamesh, Hammurabo’s code, and many others. During the war,  they forced all citizens to move to the different places in Assyria. They always used captives such like a working power. They were far away from each other but always surrounded by the Assyrians, so they couldn't revolt.

But after they leveled the city, the Assyrians began to worry about the great god, Marduk. Maybe he thought that they were attacking him. So they decided to rebuild the city, so that Marduk would not punish them for destroying a city built in his honor. 
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