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Oakland, CA

No description

Christina Grasty

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Oakland, CA

Gang Violence
Proposal Project
Oakland, CA
Christina Grasty, Sherry Delice, Jordan McClain, Steve Survec, Brian White
• It is no secret that Oakland, California is one of the most crime ridden communities in America. With crime rates rising left and right, Oakland is struggling to find the proper resolve to put a end to the violence the community is experiencing. Much to the community's demise, a lot of younger individuals are deciding to join the gang lifestyle and adopt its ways.
• In 2012, 126 people were charged with murder, 2,762 people were charged with aggravated assault, 214 people were charged with rape, and 4,126 people were charged with robbery.
• Although these numbers are frightening, there still is hope. A initiative can be taken with the students in Oakland's education system to pair up with the City of Oakland Police Department, in order to deter possible gang involvement and to end gang violence.
Crime: Introduction
• In order to tackle the concerns Oakland is experiencing due to gang violence, I propose a law enforcement initiative to deter student gang involvement. In my "Scared Straight Program", the youth will work with Oakland's law enforcement in various afterschool workshops.
• Oakland's Police Department will mainly address the issue of gang involvement and all of the possible consequences.
• Oakland Police Department will also work with the community in order to teach these afterschool workshops. Volunteer members from the community; such as teachers, parents, ex-convicts, and even peers of the student will all pitch in.
• Law enforcement, along with community volunteers, will devise a series of 10, 2-hour long afterschool workshops for students who sign up for the course.
• Since the Scared Straight Program is a very new initiative for Oakland, it will start by targeting a main population. The Scared Straight Program will only focus on high school.
Proposal to Solve Gang Violence
• By offering this program to high school students, the youth will recognize that gang involvement is not the way.
• The Scared Straight Program will benefit Oakland in the sense that gang involvement will lessen along with the crime rates. The Scared Straight Program hopes to improve the lives of the people in Oakland. It hopes to improve those families and households who have been devastated by gang violence.
This city even though it is a great place for business has one of the lowest graduation rates, with a drop-out rate of 58.9% and only around 14.2% of students go on to college there lies the problem.
This means that out of a class of a hundred, around 41 graduate high-schools yet, only around 14 students go off to college.
Education Introduction
I propose that the Oakland Unified School District add into The Dewey Academy, a paid internships that allows for students to gain experience from local businesses.

Local business owners would be encouraged to essentially offer an internship to high school students who would learn basic skills for an entry level position in a business.
Proposal for Education
Businesses would benefit by having a student to help with tasks that would seem to elementary for other workers yet it would help the student learn basic skills that they could applied to future jobs.
Students graduate feeling that they have learned valuable knowledge that can easily be applied to life.
Alongside with the graduation rates the unemployment rate would decrease because potentially these students with basic skills after they graduate could be able to get jobs in the job market and upon applying having the internship allows for student to put down that they have experience as well as being able to be more appealing to employers.
Learn Basic business skills:
• Learning to do Inventory
• Being able to format letters
• Learn to properly send emails in a professional manner
• Learn to properly communicate with people
• Learn to schedule events
• Learn how to dress properly
• Use non-verbal communication correctly

The students will receive a paycheck at the end of every two weeks to help them pay for bills, groceries or just items that the students want.
Benefits to Students and Businesses
Oakland is one of five US cities that are considered to be the “capitals of gang homicide” in 2008. This large amount of violence leaves citizens afraid to leave their homes and fearful for their lives, and the lives of their families and friends.
A majority of these homicides are committed by males ages 15-18
The Problem
I propose a sports program open to children ages 10-18. It will be set up as an after-school, and summer program to deter children from engaging in gang related activities and also create future opportunities for them. Giving these children the opportunity to spend their time doing healthy, and constructive activities will not only help them but the community as a whole. The after-school and summer programs can be held at local high schools or community centers across Oakland and with the help of adult volunteers will provide a safe environment for those participating.
If this program is successful, it will lead to a decrease in youth gang related crime and violence throughout the city of Oakland. With the increasing popularity of sports in the youth of America, I believe this program will be very popular with children 15-18.
Only a minor fraction of obese children participate in weight reduction interventions.

Adults who were obese children have increased morbidity and mortality rates independent of their adult weight. .

Oakland’s current obesity rates indicate that there is not an effective means for reducing child obesity rates
Childhood obesity rates have skyrocketed in California. Thirty-one percent of adolescent’s ages 12- to 17-years-old, and one-in-three California children ages 9-11 years old, are at risk of or are already overweight.

A combination of poor diet and lack of physical activity has caused these children to be at greater risk for the onset of major chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer, when reaching adulthood.

Research has indicated that the widespread availability and relatively low cost of junk food, especially soda, in schools has contributed significantly to the rise of obesity.
• Changing school lunches!

• Treatment programs for childhood obesity require a multidisciplinary approach and should include dietary changes, nutritional education, changes in physical activity patterns, behavioral modification, and parental involvement.

• I propose setting up a state funded school lunch which includes healthy locally grown foods as opposed to junk food and genetically modified food

•The health consequences of eating genetically modified organisms are largely unknown.
• This proposal aims to substantially eliminate future health care costs and to improve the quality of living for children

• Saving children's lives

•Most importantly, children would be aware of the dangers of obesity and take responsibility for their own bodies by eating smarter at adult ages

•Ideally, this proposal could influence school lunches to change all around the nation
Library Funding
Police Management
Senior citizen program funding
Other youth and school programs
Areas of Budget Cuts
Boost funding for educational/after school programs to open doors for internships for kids
More funding for crime prevention programs in school for kids
Job creation and industry promotion
Areas of the Budget in my Proposal
Internship programs will let children see the importance of finding a job and creating a economic source for themselves

Reducing crime through youth programs will allow a safer educational environment and allow the city to be a more desirable place for new industry

With a better work ethic, safer schools, and more opportunity, more industry will want to come to Oakland
Within trying this out and creating more jobs and less crime, Oakland will be more prosperous and in the long run economically successful
I'm Christina Grasty I was born and raised in Western North Carolina. I attended Appalachian State University for an Undergrad in Elementary Education, and received my Graduate at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. I came to Oakland a year ago determined to make a difference in the education of the students by joining the Town Council. I live here in Oakland with my 4 dogs and husband.
My name is Sherry Delice and I am one of the judges in Oakland, California. I attended school at Appalachian State University with a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. I also attended Elon University for both my master's and doctorate degree in Criminal Justice. I have been practicing law in Oakland for 6 years now and it is quite a town! I am married to a New Jersey State Trooper and have one baby boy. We live on the suburbia side of Oakland. We are your typical American family who enjoy having careers involving the law. By joining the proposal board for Oakland, California, I felt like I could actively assist the community with my career in law. I have been on the Oakland Town Council for 3 years now, and I chose to continue for however long it takes to see progress and change.
My name is Brian White and I am a health care family physician in Oakland, California. I attended Appalachian State and graduated with a bachelors degree in Cell Molecular Biology with a minor in general business. I went to med school at Wake Forest University and began my work in family medicine in Burlington, North Carolina. I co-owned a family practice for 8 years with three other graduates from Wake Forest University. I moved to Oakland, California 6 years ago where I am currently working at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center as a child care specialist. I have been married for 8 years and currently live in a lake house on Lake Merritt with four children. I joined the town council a year ago where I hope to give all children in Oakland the chance to live healthy lives.
My name is Steve Surovec and I am a lawyer in Oakland, California. I attended Appalachian State University and graduated with a bachelors degree in Political Science Pre-Professionals Legal Studies. I then went on to law school at The Ohio State University. I have operated my own law firm in the city for about five years now. I have been a member of the Oakland town council for three years and I joined because I want to have an impact on the city.
The new school lunches would involve teaming up with local farmers and local food producers to increase the use of healthy locally grown vegetables, livestock, and fruit in cafeterias.

Food would be fresh and delicious! But most importantly healthy.

-Food would ideally be prepared as soon as a couple of days to a week after harvesting occurs to prevent the addition of fattening preservatives and prevent usage of genetically modified foods which decrease the amount of nutrition substantially in fruits and vegetables

and much more!
Issues with this Proposal...
Getting a legislation passed

-Contact school administrators
-Contact Michelle Obama
Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (HHFK)

Child Participation After School

Contact parents!
-Hold after school seminar
-Send home food plans for families
to use
Having enough locally grown food
for children to eat

School gardens!
-Gets children out of the classroom
-Teaches children about the laws of
the land
-Hands on learning
-Nutritional education

•Hi, my name is Jordan McClain and I attended Appalachian State University, graduating from Walker College of Business in Computer Information Systems. I am currently a systems programmer in Oakland, CA for SAS systems and have been with the company for 5 years now. I am also a trainer at the local fitness facility and have hopes of one day use my business management skills in becoming a business owner of a similar facility. I would love to increase my involvement in program development for Oakland small businesses.
Current Economic Crisis
In 2007-2008, the economy in America hit one of it's lowest points since the great depression when banks decided to lend too many funds.

Jobs were lost as many employers cut back on their workers and also many budget cuts were made in efforts to help the economy rebound.
Oakland, California Statistics and Demographics (US Census 2000)
Population of Oakland, CA
-Population in 2011: 391,445. Population change since 2000: -2.0%

Races in Oakland, CA

Unemployment in August 2012:

#5 on the list of "Top 101 cities with the highest unemployment in 2009 (pop 50,000+)
Attractions in Oakland
Oakland Zoo
East Bay Regional Park District
Paramount Theater
Oakland Museum of California
Grand Lake Theater
Lake Merritt
Oakland Raiders
Golden State Warriors
Oakland Athletics
Oakland, California Economics
Estimated median household income in 2009: $51,473 (it was $40,055 in 2000)



Estimated per capita income in 2009: $30,327

Estimated median house or condo value in 2009: $445,200 (it was $227,300 in 2000)


Oakland's Claim to Fame
Famous People
Clint Eastwood (Actor, director, producer)
Bruce Lee (Actor)
M.C. Hammer (Singer)
Keyisha Cole (Singer)
Tom Hanks (Actor)

Movies Filmed in Oakland
Matrix Reloaded (2003)
Comedian (2002)
Greed (1924)
Basic Instinct (1992)
Phantasm (1979)
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