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Super Element Nitrogen

No description

Nadia a

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Super Element Nitrogen

Boiling Point:
77.36 K (-195.79°C or -320.44°F)
Phase at room temp:
Density as a solid:
1.026 g/cm3
a.k.a "Nitro"
super powers
Powers include:
Invisibility :
You can't see (colorless), feel, or smell (odorless) her.
Weigh less enough to soar through the air
Change Form:
She can be a gas to be invisible, liquid to freeze anything, or solid to become visible.
Everywhere you go, Nitro will always be there, 78% of the time.
Life Saver:
She's needed to survive and to protect her people.
Nitro's influence is good. Hence her full name Nitro

She is definitely essential to all living species.
Nitrogen plays an important role of all protein molecules which are the building blocks of cells.
It is also used to make nucleic acids which stored genetic information in organisms.
Nitrogen gas is not toxic.
It's an essential component of chlorophyll in plants and ammonia which is used in fertilizers.
Location on P.T.:

Nitrogen is the seventh element on the periodic table. It is located in period 2 and group 15.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Additional Powers
Fantastic Four
Nitro has an emergency team but only come together to defeat a major villain. The team includes
, and
Together they make Team NOCH, or others may call it Nitroglycerin. The breaking of the bonds together between atoms releases an enormous amount of energy in a very short amount of time. The 4 are very powerful and superior together so no villain can take over.
Works Cited
In the early 1700s, gases were poorly understood by chemists who often wondered what the air was made of. In 1772, a Scottish physician and chemist named Daniel Rutherford discovered the element named "nitrogen" through a simple experiment. He began with an empty bottle that he turned upside down in a pan of water, trapping the water. Then, a burning candle was placed inside the bottle with the trapped air, causing the water to rise a little. When the candle was burned, part of the air that seemed to disappear was oxygen gas. The remaining air was discovered to be nitrogen.

To make sure everyone was aware of this new element, Rutherford created a super mutant with the element of Nitrogen. Maintaining all the powers of nitrogen, Nitro- short for NitroGenerous- was born.
A Super Element
Nitro has many super powers. Since she is made up of one of the most abundant and important element on the periodic table, she has multiple powers.


However, Nitro can combine with


in the presence of lightning or a spark. The electrical energy from those sources causes nitrogen and oxygen to form

nitric oxide.
It can also make

nitrous oxide

(N2O), laughing gas which deadens pain and produces unconsciousness.

Nitro can also combine with


to create ammonia (NH3)which is used in fertilizers and hydrazine (NH4) which is rocket fuel.
Nitrogen usually does not interact with any elements.
Fun Facts
Originally, NitroGenerous was named "azote" meaning 'without life.'
Nitrogen has a family named Pnictogen which consists of 4 other elements including Phosphorus, Arsenic, Antimony, and Bismuth.
Nitrogen gas makes up about 78% of the atmosphere on Earth but only 3% of the atmosphere on Mars.
Nitrogen is the seventh most abundant element in the universe.
Important documents like the Declaration of Independence are kept in air-tight containers filled with nitrogen gas. The documents are protected from oxygen and other gases in the air with which they might react.
Here's a short and brief video on Nitrogen:
The cape covers Nitro and represents invisibility because it's colorless.
The whole outfit represents
where she's commonly found
which is:
Blue: air
Brown: soil
Yellow: Sun, Stars
Leaves represents life and nature which Nitro is needed for.
Lightning is a way to
combine nitrogen with
other elements naturally.
By: Nadia A
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