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Positive & Negative Effects of Antidepressants

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alyssa eastburn

on 23 July 2014

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Transcript of Positive & Negative Effects of Antidepressants

Positive & Negative Effects of Antidepressants
Negative Effects
1. Extremely mentally addictive; one can start to not feel normal without the antidepressant or like they can not function without it
2. Depression is usually caused by social or situational factors which an antidepressant can not change
3. Can actually increase thoughts of suicide
4. Can decrease libido, cause weight gain, delay the onset of REM sleep, increase sleep awakenings,
5. Cause muscle spasms/tics
6. Body builds tolerance to antidepressant, therefore one must switch medicines and be forced to adjust to the new side effects
7. Pregnant women are advised to stop taking antidepressants, which causes an obvious problem
Positive Effects
1. Allows one to be less reactive to difficult life events that would usually cause them stress.
2. Reduces one's negative obsessive thoughts and feelings.
3. Believed to have the power to reduce panic attacks and general worries
4. Gives people a motivational push in order to complete important needed tasks ( work, school, ect. )
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Natural Remedies to Relieve Depressive Feelings
1. Herbs- St. Johns Wort and ginkgo biloba are known to reduce anxiety, relieve inflammation and tension, and improve sleep.
2. Supplements- 5HTP and cod liver oil are known to calm stress and raise serotonin levels
3. Sleeping more
4. Spend time outdoors
5. Exercise
6. Set realistic goals for yourself
Why I chose this topic
I originally planned on doing my topic on the over medication of Adderall, then I was going to do it on the over medication of antidepressants. I did not find much information on the over medication of these drugs. I found more information on the over diagnose of ADD,ADHD and depression. I was not to interested in that so I chose to do it on the positive and negative effects of antidepressants.
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