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About me

About me for colleague of the week

Kenton Hankins

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of About me

Double click anywhere & add an idea Knowledge of the
internets / ability to Google and Bing Getting closer to retirement Highlights

CSS Presentation for Devs
WPF Presentation for 100+ Devs
Ran ExtJS Brownbag for 100+ Devs
ITG Logic, head UX Designer (~10 MM)
ITG TCA, head UX Designer (~100 MM) Highlights:

Implemented Global Processes (20+ different sources of data)
Brought UX issues to fore front
Made an emergency workaround that stumped iBank Devs

Built early transmedial prototype
Invited to confernce to speak about prototype
Capstone projec Highlights

First project that is completely mine
Setup LLC
Fully functional system
Speech pathologies scared b/c it was too easy
First extensive usuage of Javascript frameworks Highlights

Finished it
Made prototype that works on the 360
Likert Scale Rating 4.2 (1-5)
Little 500 Game Rating of 4.7 (1-5)
Full Game Design Document
Compared military recruiting with university recruting Before After GreenPigeon.TV Highlights

5th Iteration
Fun to use
Use it everyday when I can
Actually works
Launching soon...

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