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No description

Shannon Mulqueen

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of IACURH 2013

What is it?
The IACURH conference is an annual conference for student leaders involved in the residence halls at colleges and universities throughout the Intermountain region.
Why do I care?
Because it is awesome. But on a real level, IACURH will help you expand your leadership potential and grow in ways that you never thought possible.
What do I do there?
Attend programs
Students from schools throughout the region will present programs that were successful on their campuses that you can attend and then bring back. For example, #antiburnbook, a large RHA program, was presented at IACURH in 2012. These programs will also be geared towards specific ideas such as leadership development or sustainability.
Attend boardroom
IACURH is, in fact, also a place for business. In the IACURH boardroom, your school's NCC, NRHH president and RHA president will speak for and vote on important legislation for the entire region. This is also where many award (bid) winners are decided. As a delegate, you will most likely be asked to attend one of these sessions.
Again, schools from all over the region will be attending this conference. This is a great time to meet new people and make connections on a large scale. These connections will last far longer than the conference and will help i more ways than you could possibly imagine.
Have fun!
Having fun is never a problem at IACURH. There is entertainment every night, and when you get this many student leaders together, everything becomes a barrel of laughs.
Still not sure?
Here is a little glimpse in to the conference life.
These are not words.
You're right! They are acronyms. Here are some important things to know.
ffiliate of
ollege &
Our region is called IACURH. There are 7 other regions that make up something called NACURH.
which stands for the
National Association of College and University Residence Halls Inc.
NACURH is the giant umbrella that IACURH sits under. It is made up of 8 regions and has international reach, including Mexico, Hong Kong, South Africa, Qatar, Australia, Canada and the United States.
NACURH is the largest student run organization in the world!
How do I get there?
The application will go live at 11:59 PM on September 15. It can be found through the link on the RHA website.
If accepted for the IACURH delegation, you will be expected to.....
Attend delegation meetings.
Contribute to award bids.
Work at concessions/fund raise.
Consider writing a program.
Other responsibilities as decided. (IE Spirit wear!)
Attend conference.
November 21- 24, 2013
Brigham Young University
Provo, Utah
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