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HealthShare Exchange

No description

HealthShare Exchange

on 8 October 2017

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Transcript of HealthShare Exchange

Strong Infrastructure for Innovation
Invested in a scalable and flexible technology stack
Amazon Web Services
Load Balancing (Redundancy & Availability)
Big Data Processing
API Gateway / FHIR Resource
Census Track / Geo Tagging
Data Quality Tools
Normalize & Standardized Data
Clinical Data Repository / Master Patient Index
Population/Public Health & Quality Reporting
HSX Market Street
Health Information Exchange
The five-county region represents the largest and most densely populated healthcare marketplace in the Commonwealth.
Technology Investments
Expansive Provider Directory – Over 9000 Direct Addresses
Supports Bi Directional Communication Between Trusted Sources
Allows notification for members who have presented to an emergency department and/or have been admitted to an inpatient facility. ADT Data Feed Required
Encounter Notification Service
Clinical Activity History Service

Leverages the health plan encounter data of recent clinical history about patients to assist emergency service providers and specialists in clinical assessments. ADT Data Feed Required
Automated Care Team Finder
Automated Care Team Finder leverages health plan PCP attribution to assist with identifying providers for sending discharge summaries to more Discharge Summary C-CDA’s to PCPs. ADT Data Feed Required
Direct Secure Messaging
Clinical Data Repository (CDR) Services
Secure Access to a Centralized Repository of Health Information from Multiple Hospitals and Providers in the Trust Community.
Also offers Web-portal access to a longitudinal clinical record for care coordination purposes.
ADT, Lab and C-CDA Data Feeds Required
Emergency Response Support Services

Patient Location and Family Reunification Service
UPAL (Urgent Patient Activity Liaison)
ADT Data Feed Required
5.9+ Million Patients
22+ Million Patient Enities
125+ Million Clinical Messages
Pop Health and Public Health Use Cases Approved
Data Extractions
Aggregated Reporting Ability
Data Visualization
Community Assessments

Unique approach to entering the consumer space
Open API available with Patient Consent
Apple/Android App
Web Portals
Supporting Business to Business Process
FHIR Resources Available
Becoming a catalyst for innovation in the region
Start-ups, New Ideas, Members
Expanding our region and membership
South Jersey
Lancaster & Reading
Expanding Clinical Data sets
Lab Results
Radiology Interpretations
Behavior Health Data
Social Determinate Data
Improving Existing Services
(ENS 2.0 , CAH 2.0 , ACTF 2.0)
Data Aggregators to Data Providers
Lauren Ciccarone & Nathan Hecker
What is Healthshare Exhange (HSX)?

What kind of data does HSX receive?

How does HSX Maintain Data Quality?

What are the current Health Information Exchange (HIE) services HSX provides?

Where does HSX believe is the future for Health Information Exchange?

ADT Messages

Laboratory Messages

Radiology Messages

CCDA Documents

Data HSX Receives to Support Services
How Does HSX Maintain Data Quality
CCDA Analyzer Tool
HSX has partnered with Diameter Health that helps us to “grade” the data quality of CCDA that are received from our member organizations
HSX formed a workgroup with Subject Matter Experts and determined a grade that would be acceptable to allow data to flow to the repository
HSX is looking for standard coding methodology to be used (LOINC, ICD 10, CPT, RxNorm)
Helps for ingestion in downstream systems as well as reporting
After go live the data we receive is also regularly assessed to make sure there aren’t any issues.

ADT Validation Tool
HSX developed own ADT Validation tool that helps to assess the completeness of ADTs received.
Some categories HSX is interested in are Admit Reason, Discharge Disposition, and other areas
HSX worked with our membership to educate the importance of having a complete ADT and worked with the membership to make appropriate changes
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