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Thematic Unit Plans

No description

Sue Smith

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Thematic Unit Plans

Thematic Unit Plans
What is a Thematic Unit Plan?
Overarching, "big ideas" for a series of lesson plans

A frame of reference

Gives students (and teachers) a "why" for what they are learning

A way to relate to everyday life or prior knowledge
Why should teachers consider these?
Inclusion of a wide variety of materials

Piques student interest, creativity, individuality, and exploration

Allow teachers to be creative in their profession

More opportunity for cross-curriculum materials and teaching
Example #1
Presentation by Sue Ann Smith
Unit Theme:
Heroism and Superheroism in literature throughout history
Using Thematic Unit Plans with the Common Core in Mind
(Oscar J Baeza)
There are a number of Common Core Standards that we can address with thematic unit plans. A few could be as follows:
(There are many more depending on the theme chosen for the unit!)
Unit Theme:
Young love
Example #2
Romeo & Juliet
(redandblackroses7 from Deviant Art - found through Google Images)
Jack & Rose from Titanic
(baiexa_butrfly from Deviant Art - found through Google Images)
Jace & Clary
(martanga from Deviant Art - found through Google Images)
Dr. Ken Robinson from TED Talks Education talks a bit about student interest, curiosity, creativity, and individuality, and exploration as a gateway to learning, and briefly mentions teaching as creativity in this video and why it is important.
TED Talks, Dr. Ken Robinson: How to escape education's death valley)
Materials that can be used with Example #1
Video/movie clips

"Classic" literature

"Modern" literature

Comic books

Video games as literature
Materials that can be used with Example #2
Video/movie clips

"Classic" literature



"Modern" literature
Examples of Cross-Curriculum Coverage with Thematic Units
Popular Culture
In Summary
Thematic Unit Plans...
Pique student interest, curiosity, individuality, and exploration
Encourage creativity for both teachers and students
Provide overarching, "big ideas" that allow students to relate lessons and lesson materials to their everyday lives
Gives students a "why" for learning
More opportunity for cross-curriculum interaction
Short Survey!
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