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Larissa LeBlanc

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of abbreviations

By Larissa LeBlanc, Kristen Savage, Nicole Plantus and Jenn Whelan Abbreviations Abbreviations A shortened or contracted form of a word, in place of the whole. People Now Let's Practice Ms. Babbitt is used for a woman
Mr. Larder is used for a man
Dr. Green is used for a doctor or anyone with a doctorate degree
Mrs. Perez is used for a married woman
Josh Jr. is used for a son who has the same name as his father. Days of the Week Mon. for Monday
Tues. for Tuesday
Wed. for Wednesday
Thurs. for Thursday
Fri. for Friday
Sat. for Saturday
Sun. for Sunday Months of the Year Jan. for January
Feb. for February
Mar. for March
Apr. for April
May, June and July have no abbreviations.
Aug. for August
Sept. for September
Oct. for October
Nov. for November
Dec. December Addresses and Places Rd. = Road
St. = Street
Ave. = Avenue
Cir. = Circle
Blvd. = Boulevard
U.S. = United States
CO = Colorado 1. My teacher is Missus Chavez. 2. I live on 1480 East Road. 3. Jenn had her birthday on Saturday, August 14th. 4. Nicole had a doctor appointment yesterday. 5. Mister Smith is my neighbor. 6. Metro State is located on 5th Street. 7. Martin Luther King Junior had a dream. 8. Larissa lives on Mineral Avenue. 9. She was driving down the Boulevard. **Most abbreviations are actually hiding inside the word 10. Thanksgiving is on Thursday the 22nd. 11. Graduation is Sunday, May 19th. 12. Christmas is in December. Objective: The students will be able to distinguish appropriate abbreviations in a sentence.
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