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Chicken Pie

Chicken Pie can kill you!!!!Muahahaahaa.ha

Jeremie Oldenkamp

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Chicken Pie

Haiti Haiti is the poorest country in America Haiti is connected to the Dominican Republic Haiti has just had an earthquake which hurt there economy badly Haiti is the second country to designate French language the most behind first which is Canada Haiti is almost all African American but is part of America there is some Americans that live there Haiti's capital is Port au Prince which was destroyed during the earthquake en.wikipedia.org,www.ecu.edu,www.boston.com, and my social studies book. Haiti's independence was in 1804
Haiti's main jobs are just selling stalls full of products out in the street people from Haiti eat rice,beans,red roasted potatoes,fried plantains, and ti malice(hot sauce) Haiti's recreation is cockfighting, and borlette Haiti's religion is Roman Catholiciism are official religions but they say voodoo is the national religion. Haiti's transportation is by car, train, bus, and taxi. Haiti's education rate is 49% for females and 53.5% for males.
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