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If Beluga Whales Became extinct would the Food Chain Drop?

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Jada G.

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of If Beluga Whales Became extinct would the Food Chain Drop?

If Beluga Whales became extinct would the food chaindrop?
Beluga whales have a big amount of animals in there family. The population of a beluga whale is 60,000 to 80,000 beluga whales in the whole world. There is not many of them because of there predator and hunting issues. Beluga whales status right now is endangered. They are really close to dying so it is really important for them not to die. What would happen if they become extinct? Well I'll tell you what will happen.
Killer Whales
The beluga whales predators is the killer whale and the polar bear. The killer whale is not really known for killing dolphins. They don't kill dolphins because the dolphins are in the killer whales family.
Some of the prey that the Killer whale eats is squid, penguins, seals, and other whales such as Beluga whales and blue whales.
Notice that people are not on the the food chain for Killer whales. The reason is killer whales don't eat people there has been 1 attaching because a killer whale took the surfer as a seal but right after it put the surfer in it's mouth the whale spit him back out.
Polar Bears
Did you know that a polar bear catches their prey by the air hole because the prey has to breath after they go under the water? I say this because Polar bears don’t have gills like fish they have lungs like any other person. So they catch there prey for an air hole.
beluga whales Prey
A beluga whales prey are squids, octopus, clams, crabs, mussels, and snails. It eats small animals because it is a really small whale. According to an enchanting learning website it stated that beluga whale grow up to only 15 feet and that is not to big.
The question answered!
The food chain would not drop if the beluga whale became extinct. There will still be some damage done. An example is the polar bear population might go down a little bit and also the killer whale. It will be good for the prey because there population would increase by a little but not that much because they would have 1 less predator to hide from.
Beluga whales
A killer Whale is a predator to the Beluga whale
Polar Bears Are Predators to the beluga whale
Thank you I hope you enjoy
A polar bear eats seals, beluga whales, bow head whale, Narwhal and sometimes walruses under water.
Bow head whale
map of beluga whale location
Beluga Whale Resources
Polar Bear sources
Octopus resources
Clams resources
Snail resources
Crab resources
Killer Whale resources:
Book: eyewitness Book - Whale Page 34-35.
Book: Natural World - Killer Whale Page 25, 28, and 33
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