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The Jungian Theory

No description

Justin Attard

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of The Jungian Theory

Stefani's Thoughts ...
Jungian Theory
Created by Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist.
He is known as the pioneer of modern depth psychology of the unconscious.
Extroverted Learning Style
So by knowing that we all wear masks, to be a Jungian analyzer we have to think of the Lady wearing a mask. We know the obvious, she tested the curse, and she died. But why did she stand up? Why did she test the curse? We need to think about the Lady personally. As a 3D figure, because right now she is just a 2D figure. We need to analyze more into her personality, what was she struggling with. What was her inner glitch?
The first component of the Jungian learning style dimensions indicates how learners interact with the outside world
Enjoy generating ideas and energy from others
Focuses on four basic psychological functions:
1. Extroversion v.s Introversion
2. Sensation v.s Intuition
3. Thinking v.s Feeling
4. Judging v.s Perceiving
To begin, lets view the Lady of Shallot as an extroverted thinker. We need to think about the outer world. How does she interact with life around her?
The Lady of Shallot
Archetypes origins in ancient Greek. The word "Archein" means "original or old", and typos means "pattern, model or type".

She is kept from all of the outer world
She is trapped within a room
she only knows what she sees/teaches herself
She is her own world to her there is nothing else she is good for
Until finally she had enough and wanted to look though her window
The curse was in effect, her beautiful life had changed
Learning Styles
Learning Style
Learning Style
The Innocent
Motto: Free to be you and me
Core desire: to get to paradise
Goal: to be happy
Greatest fear: to be punished for doing something bad or wrong
Strategy: to do things right
Weakness: boring for all their naive innocence
Talent: faith and optimism
The Innocent is also known as: Utopian, traditionalist, naive, mystic, saint, romantic, dreamer.
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