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Armitage's choice of language in 'The Clown Punk'

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Lucy Hinchliffe

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Armitage's choice of language in 'The Clown Punk'

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr Key Language The Clown Punk Stick in your copy over a DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD.

After we have read through the poem...

In groups, brainstorm in your books: questions you would ask The Clown Punk in order to find out more information about the him. What do you need to know? Teach me Tell me Take the card in front of you and teach someone about your fact.

You can walk around the room.

After one minute, you should have taught a few people and should have at least two facts each.

When the music stops, sit down! L/O: What can we tell about the punk in Armitage's poem from his choice of language?

Must: Pick out key words from ‘The Clown Punk’.

Should: Use these key words to make a ‘case’ for what you think the poem is about/what the poet is trying to tell the reader.

Could: Consider language and imagery in more depth: clown punk. The Clown Punk - Simon Armitage 22nd January 2013 What can we learn about the punk through the key (connotative) words you have picked out? What is the message of the poem? Work in groups to INVESTIGATE and come up with an answer. Present as a CASE on sheets of A3. Did you find out the answers to your questions in your investigations? Watch this clip of Armitage talking about the poem and see if he can help. Extension:
Why do you think Armitage has called him a CLOWN punk? What is clown-like about him? Find evidence in the poem. http://www.bbc.co.uk/learningzone/clips/simon-armitage-on-his-poem-the-clown-punk/13452.html Ext In groups, underline on your own copies the KEY LANGUAGE in the poem. In other words, the language which gives MEANING (connotations, from Wednesday's lesson!) It doesn't matter if you're not sure why the words you choose are important. Ext:
Annotate the
words you pick out to
explain their connotations
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