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How to Survive an Apocolypse

No description

Travis Hosley

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of How to Survive an Apocolypse

How to Survive the Apocolypse
How do I survive?
How to stock the bomb shelter Stock bomb shelter with the following:
Cream cheese
Canned water
Dr. Pepper
Three puppies
One cow
Seven pigs
2 1/2 guns
1 grenade (for blowing yourself up at the end) How do I prepare? Dig a hole in your backyard and turn
it into a bomb shelter.
Buy an M4 assault rifle.
Buy a German Shepherd.
Get really buff.
Get plastic surgery to look
like Will Smith.
Put mannequins in the video store
so you have someone to talk to.

Why did I watch that? Unfortunuately, the presentation had to have some
sort of educational value. So we are going to take some
time to teach you on farces/paradies.
Hi Examples of Recent parodys Epic Movie
Superhero Movie
Any Weird Al song
Farce of the Penguins
Tropic Thunder
Walk Hard
Here are some basic rules to follow:
Make sure to be home before dark or the monsters/zombies/vampires/really pale people with rabbies will eat you.
Wash your dog everyday. A clean dog is a happy dog.
Dont eat the yellow snow.
Do twenty pull ups and run on the treadmill everyday because no one would pay to see a fat Will Smith.
Protect a random lady and her kid from the big attack at the end of the movie.
Make sure to blow yourself up at the end in a dramatic fashion to save the cure.
Create an alternate ending where you survive and drive off into the distance with the random lady and kid to replace the family you lost in a series of flashbacks.

If you don't listen to us you'll die. The definition of the word parody a humorous or satirical imitation of a serious piece of literature or writing. For example, this presentation was parody of the movie I Am Legend, as I'm sure most of you guessed. According to Aristotle, the first parodies were created by Hegemon of Thasos, who took well known poems and, just by changing a few words, created comical plays. At first, parodies mainly took the form of plays and literature but have recently moved to movies and music. What is a parody? Your Turn By: Travis Bowman and William Tanzilli
Henry C. Conrad Schools of Science
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