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Researching Evidence-Based Medicine

No description

Julie Howe

on 14 September 2018

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Transcript of Researching Evidence-Based Medicine

Evidence-Based Practice
If your AND search is too small, try using OR
Eliminate unwanted terms with NOT
"bowel regimen" OR constipation AND "opioid therapy" NOT headache
Use your PICOT question
Population: Clients with chronic pain on
bowel regimen
Comparison: most effective bowel regimen
Outcome: relief of
Time: implied
Connect these words with AND OR NOT
Identify the most important words to search with (keywords)
Don't use "client" or "patient"
Choose distinctive words.
The rest of your PICOT questions shouldn't make sense without them.
bowel regimen
is most effective in relieving
caused by the administration of
opioid therapy
in clients with chronic pain"
Think of the Grumpy Cat!
"bowel regimen" AND constipation AND "opioid therapy"
Works best with related terms

"bowel regimen" OR constipation AND "opioid therapy"
Finding articles
Somerset home page
"Learning Commons"
CINAHL and CINAHL with full text
Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition
Full text
What does evidence-based research look like?
Your turn!
Characteristics of
Evidence-Based Research
Found in scholarly journals, not magazines or newspapers
Characteristics of
Evidence-Based Research
Author is highly educated.
Characteristics of
Evidence-Based Research
Sections include "methods," "research," "results," "discussion."
Characteristics of
Evidence-Based Research
Language is subject-specific, not easy for a layperson to read.
Image courtesy of: http://www.hsl.unc.edu/Services/Tutorials/EBM/Supplements/QuestionSupplement.htm
Very detailed titles
Few images
Abstract section
Simple titles
Uses images & colors
Detailed author information on first page or last page
Little or no author information
Courtesy Erica DeFrain/Virginia Alexander
Courtesy Erica DeFrain/Virginia Alexander
Courtesy Erica DeFrain/Virginia Alexander
"Patients and methods"
statistics and numerical information
"Pros" and "cons"
no detailed study information
"glycaemic excursions"
conversational tone

Find one evidence-based medicine article as your exit ticket.

After that, you may use this time to research for your assignment.
What is Evidence-Based Practice?
Intersection of:
the best available evidence based on research
individual patient care
patient values
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