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Group Presentation over Data and More on Prezi Meeting--Group Members: Kristina Birkhead, Jill Hartline, Ronald Jackson, Erika Noe, and Julia Orr

Julia Orr

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of EG-5623

Data: A collection of information that allows teachers, students, administrators, and parents to view progress in many areas. The use of technology can revolutionize the way data is collected and used. ? Prezi: Data and More on Prezi Meeting "What a bright idea!"
Education Tech Trends to Watch Focus on... Teacher effectiveness is the most important
factor in student growth. Data shows... What is Educational Data? The Basics APPLICATION TO THE K-12 CLASSROOM: Prezi Section:
http://web20edu.com/2011/10/18/group-collaboration-in-the-classroom-using-prezi-meeting/ References: A collaborative presentation tool that allows multiple users to create and edit information as a group. Set your topic. Assign jobs. Create and then collaborate! Prezi: Explanation of this trend: It's less of a classroom management issue, because it allows all students to be actively involved. Teachers can present information in new and interesting ways that capture students' attention.
It can be used for any subject and any grade, as long as the students can read and follow simple directions. Starting with 7th grade and up is recommended. It holds each student accountable for his or her part in the Prezi Presentation.
It is an alternative to PowerPoint where usually 1 or 2 people do all of the work in the group. Data: add text by double clicking anywhere enjoy the finished product click once to move or re-size text How do I make a Prezi? click create a new prezi www.prezi.com double click to edit text add pictures or video set your paths a simple explanation Personal Experiences from the group: "My experience is limited, but for one of my graduate classes we had to make a Prezi that we could show to a class of students. My Prezi was about the 8 Parts of Speech. I look forward to using Prezi Meeting with my co-workers. I believe it will be easier to collaborate with fewer disagreements." Ron: "I have used Prezi often. It has greatly improved since I first started using it a year or so ago. The thing I love most is the improved way to set your paths. I don't use it often in my classroom, but when I do the kids always love it and seem more engaged." Julia: It’s an easy way for a group of 10 people or less to collaborate on a project at the same time.
You can collaborate from anywhere around the world. Not only will Prezi most likely replace the use of PowerPoint, but Prezi is more flexible and allows for more creativity.
You can make changes to the Prezi and others on your team will instantly see the changes that you made. Group members can give their input as well.
It’s like having everybody in the same room. A collection of academic
evidence that is used to guide
and support decisions. Who benefits from
Educational Data? Parents Students Teachers Administrators - Identifies "at risk" &
"gifted" students
- Differentiates learning paths - Assesses effectiveness over time
- Guides instructional decisions
- Provides basis for differentiated
learning groups - Documents student
achievement and growth
- Establishes baseline foundation
- Predicts future growth - Displays child's achievement level
in comparison to peers
- Supplies information on school effectiveness Where can
you find it? Depending upon grade level, various sources and databases are available for use or purchase. To name a few: * TVAAS (3rd-12th grade)
* Children's Progress (PreK-3rd grade)
* ThinkLink (3rd-8th grade)
* STAR Student (K-12th grade) Why do we need it? Educational data identifies instructional strengths and weaknesses, ensures educator effectiveness, and drives
academic achievement. It answers our questions. Where are we now?
Where are we going?
How do we get there?
Are we on the right track? Point
B Point
A Thus, teacher accountability is at an all time high! Higher Teacher Accountability
means more data, and in
education more data requires... MORE
Testing. Because Most data in today's educational
systems comes from standardized testing, there has been a strong emphasis on using value-added measures to identify strong vs. struggling teachers. Is Value-Added Data a good
thing for teachers? Educators argue that there are
pros & cons to both sides.

Value Added - Documents growth and
- Removes non-educational factors
(family background, socioeconomic status, etc.)
- Provides growth trajectories for
whole groups, sub-groups, and
individuals - Derived mainly from standardized testing
- Leads to classification &
ranking of teachers While educational data has definitely increased the pressure and demands on teachers, it has also improved student learning in a multitude of ways. Student achievement can now be studied, predicted, and differentiated. Teachers can now assess their own strengths and weaknesses. Administrators can better understand and implement growth plans.

All because of one of the latest tech trends - data. Good or bad Kristina: "I really enjoy using Prezi. It is easy to use, and has many great features. It is so easy to embed videos and images, and really looks nice when being presented. I plan to use it often in my teaching career." http://articles.latimes.com/2010/aug/16/local/la-me-0817-teachers-react-20100817 Data Section: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/microsoftuseducation/archive/2012/01/18/education-trends-to-watch-in-2012.aspx http://carnegie.org/publications/carnegie-reporter/single/view/article/item/203 http://www.hackeducation.com/2011/12/06/top-ed-tech-trends-of-2011-data-which-still-means-mostly-standardized-testing/ "I love Prezi! While I have not used it in my classroom yet, I have used it for various presentations in (grad) class and at conferences. It is always a hit! :)" Erika: Pros: vs. Cons: Jill:

"I enjoy using Prezi because it offers a fresh look and feel when compared to the older counterpart of PowerPoint. Although it takes a bit of getting used to, it's worth the abilities and functions that Prezi offers."
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