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The Outsiders Novel Unit

No description

Addie Sadler

on 27 October 2016

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Transcript of The Outsiders Novel Unit

by S. E. Hinton
The Outsiders
Chapter 1

*Journal Entry: Which of the characters in
The Outsiders
can you best relate to? Why?

*Read pp. 18-31

*Chapter 2 Review
Today's Lesson: Conflict

*YouTube video
*Conflict PowerPoint

Darry Curtis
Sodapop Curtis
Two-Bit Mathews
Steve Randle
Dally Winston
Johnny Cade
Cherry Valance
Randy Adderson
Bob Sheldon
Paul Holden
Ponyboy Curtis
Ponyboy Curtis

*14 years old

*the youngest Greaser

*parents died in a car accident; lives with brothers Darry and Sodapop
Sodapop Curtis
*Ponyboy's older brother; the middle Curtis brother

*known for his easygoing personality, charm, and good looks

*plans to marry Sandy, a Greaser girl
Darry Curtis
*20 years old

*Ponyboy's oldest brother; basically raising him

*Strong, athletic, intelligent

*Quit school

*Leader of the Greasers

*Called "Superman" by the other Greasers
Steve Randle
*Sodapop's best friend

*Works at the gas station

*Knows a lot about cars; specializes in stealing hubcaps

*Gets annoyed when Ponyboy tags along
Dally Winston
*The toughest Greaser

*Very violent

*Protective of Johnny Cade
Two-Bit Mathews
*A wisecracking Greaser

*Often shoplifts

*Flirts with Marcia, a Soc
Johnny Cade
*16 years old

*Sees the Greasers as his family

*Raised by abusive parents

*Nervous and sensitive
*Sodapop's girlfriend

*We never hear from her; only mentioned by the Greasers

*Pregnant with another man's child

*Moves to Florida to live with her grandmother
*Randy Adderson's girlfriend

*Befriends Two-bit

*Has a good sense of humor
Randy Adderson
*Marcia's boyfriend, Bob's best friend

*Humanizes the Socs; shows us that they aren't all bad
Cherry Valance
*Bob's girlfriend


*Called "Cherry" for her red hair

*Has a lot in common with Ponyboy

*Attracted to Dally
Bob Sheldon
*Cherry's boyfriend

*Beat up Johnny Cade

*Wears three rings when he fights Greasers

*Totally spoiled; his parents never disciplined him
*Journal Entry: Define the word "hero." Then, describe someone in your life who you consider a hero.

*For Friday:

Bring in a photograph of someone you truly think is heroic. It can be someone in your family, a friend, or someone in pop culture. You MUST have a reason! 5 points
Greasers in Pop Culture
Danny Zucko from
Socs in Popular Culture
Peggy Sue Got Married
After seeing the two movie clips and reading some of
The Outsiders
, how do you think these two groups might define "popularity"?

Prepare to share your answer!
Pair Share
*If you did not finish reading
Chapter 3, raise your hand!
Today's Assignment: Small Group Worksheet

Wait for Mrs. Sadler to separate you into small groups, then begin working on the worksheet. You will be awarded 5 work points if you are discussing the questions! These are due at the end of class! Worth
15 points!
"Hero" Pictures

Write 1-2 sentences that describe why you chose this person as your hero.

Go to the bulletin board and present your hero!
*Journal Entry:

What does the title of this book mean to the story? What does it mean to you? Have you ever been an "outsider?"

*Teacher Read Chapter 4 (53-68)

*PowerPoint: Chapter 4 & Characterization + worksheet (due in 1 week)

*For ____________ (2 day assignment): Read Chapter 5 (...quiz?)
For __________(2 day assignment):

Read Chapter 5
Today's Lesson
Journal Entry: Describe a time when you were in a potentially dangerous situation. How did you get out of it? Was it scary? Did you get into trouble?
*Watch video
*Look at lyrics
*Write 1 paragraph (hamburger style): How do certain lyrics apply to the Greasers or the Socs? Try to use specific examples from the book (and the song)!
Today's Lesson
*Chapter 5 Quiz
Review PowerPoint
*"Nothing Gold can Stay" by Robert Frost
*Chapter 6

*Journal Entry:
Do you think people can/ should redeem themselves by doing good things to make up for bad things they have done in the past? Can bad deeds ever be forgotten?
Today's Lesson
With the knowledge you have of this story, create a movie poster to advertise
The Outsiders
book/ movie. Worth 10 points!

It must include:
*The title and author
image from the book (you should be able to explain why you chose it)
*Two important quotes that tease a future reader (use MLA format page numbers)
*Make it pretty!
*On the back, write one paragraph explaining what the image on the front symbolizes.
*Due Tuesday!
Today's Lesson
*Teacher Read/ Audio: C
hapter 7

*Journal: Record 5 word
s that
you don't recognize OR 5 questions about what yo
u read.
We will discuss later.
*Listen to Audiobook: Chapter 7

*Complete Venn diagram: Greasers vs. Socs

*Read Chapter 8 (2 days)
Today's Lesson
*YouTube video: "Juvenile Delinquency"


*Stereotyping article
After watching "Juvenile Delinquency," do you think anything could be done to PREVENT violence in
The Outsiders

How about in your own community? What kind of tension/ violence exists? Do you think anything can be done?

With a partner, brainstorm a list of solutions to problems: both in
The Outsiders
and in Sleepy Eye (5 minutes). Be prepared to share!
Today's Lesson
SSR: Chapter 9
Journal Entry: Have you ever lost someone that you loved? If so, did it change your life? How?
Chapter 8 Quiz

PowerPoint: Chapter 8 and Stereotypes
Today's Lesson

*"'Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold...'" (148).

Popcorn Read Ch 10

*Video: The
Wonder Years
Today's Lesson

*"'Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold...'" (148).

*Read Chapters 11 & 12

*Discuss end of book
Today's Lesson

*Review Game
S.E. Hinton
*Began writing t
his story at age
*She was
frustrated with
conflicts between
greasers and Socs
at her own school
Review Chapter 5
Write 2-3 sentences summarizing what happened in chapter 6. When you're finished, turn in on the podium.
Today's Lesson
*Turn in Movie Posters

RAFT Writing Exercise

*Read Chapter 8

1. What did the taxi driver tell Ponyboy?

2. How did Dally die?

3. How did Ponyboy get his head injury?
Journal Entry: Have you ever lost someone that you loved? If so, did it change your life? How?
Juvenile Delinquency (11:28)
The Outsiders
, the teenagers in the story faced realistic problems. Many of these problems face today's teenagers as well.

Brainstorm a list of 10-15 problems that faced the characters in
The Outsiders
. Here are a few to get you started:

alcohol abuse
parental neglect
gang violence
peer pressure
Now, circle the problems that you identified in
The Outsiders
that are still very real problems for you or teenagers you know.
Now, add current teenage problems that haven't been mentioned in The Outsiders-based list to the space below. What are problems you and your friends face today?
Now, select 5 problems from combined lists that you feel are the most critical problems facing teenagers today.
"The Most Critical Problems Facing Teenagers Today"
by ______________________________________
1. (Most important problem)
5. (Least important problem
Pick a spokesperson to share your list with the class.
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