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Media and Gender Roles within How I Met Your Mother

Looking at General Info and Media/Gender Roles within the widely popular TV Show

Maiesha Zarin

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Media and Gender Roles within How I Met Your Mother

Media and Gender Roles: General Information -comedy/drama
-teens and adults
-each episode is 30 minutes, currently airing it's eighth season
and is signed on for a ninth one
-Ted Mosby telling his kids of how he meets his wife/their mother
-Barney Stinson, Robin Scherbatsky, Marshall Eriksen and Lily Aldren -Portrayed in a humorous or emotional way
-Dating scene for men/women
-Finding love and letting it go
-Dealing with baggage that people have
-Don't put friends before lovers and don't put lovers before friends
-Crazy isn't always bad
-Families can pull at your hair but they're still family in the end
-You'll do the right thing when you feel it Messages/Morals -Occasional violence between friends, family and situations at the bar
-LOTS of stereotypes
-Gender Role Reversal of Ted and Robin
-Ted = wants a committed relationship, romantic, easily falls in love
-Robin = career before love, no marriage, no kids, "one of the guys"
-Lily/Marshall = morally correct relationship in the media
-Barney = relationship that is acceptable from his gender but would be
frowned upon if it were a female AND is seen as morally wrong compared
to Lily/Marshall
-Love and Sex
-The "right" kind of girl Violence/Stereotyping -Appeals to a wide variety of people
-Those who want to escape, be entertained and distracted
-Emotional needs/social ties

-Product placement to keep advertisers happy while raising awareness in subtle ways
-Digitally inserting ads
-Star Wars, Bad Teacher, Zookeeper, Tim Hortons, Starbucks and so forth
-Balancing integrity and happiness of advertisers/sponsors Advertising Techniques and Appeals How I Met Your Mother "Bro Code: Bro On the Go"
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