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Online Gaming: The Harsh Reality

The Effects of Online Gaming on Society

Brett Sklar

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Online Gaming: The Harsh Reality

Portrays Values That Are Not Acceptable in Reality Recently, the "Sandbox Style" video game has gained popularity. This allows for
Open World Game Play which means that the player may do whatever he wants within the virtual world. Issues arise with games such as Grand Theft Auto which allows players to commit unwarranted acts of violence whenever, wherever, and to whoever they please. This senseless violence as well as other unrealistic aspects of video games have often been reciprocated in the real world which in turn brings harm others. Expensive Hobby Whether playing MMOs with a paid subscription, or just buying the new game every time it's released, a significant amount of money is required. In 2010, America alone spent 25.3 billion dollars on video games. The most detrimental effect video games have is... Addiction Online Gaming: The Harsh Reality Brett Sklar Sneak Peak Video Game Basics TA: Anusha Vutikuri Instructor: Frances Trees Video Game Addiction Video Game Communities What Should we do Now? Effects of Video Games: Positive and Negative Back to The Basics Video Games: A Brief History 1972 The first video game system, The Odyssey, is released. Due to poor advertising and poor TV connectivity, The Odyssey was a complete failure. Creator: Ralph Baer 1975 A "Play-at-Home" version of the popular arcade game Pong is released exclusively through Sears. First Commercially successful video game; led to creation of the Video Game Industry Creator: Atari Incorporated 1998 The Dreamcast game system is released in the USA. First console to include a built-in Modem and Internet support for online play. Creator: Sega Corporation 1978 Creation Creator:
Rob Trubshaw The oldest virtual world in existence. MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) 1980 Originally ran on the Essex University Network Becomes the first
online-role playing game In 1980, Essex University connected its internal Network to ARPANet. Creation of the Gameboy 1989 Creator: Nintendo Corporation Although not the first hand held game console, the Gameboy is credited with popularizing the hand held game system concept. 1979 Creator: Milton Bradley Although the first hand held game, Autorace, was created in 1976, the Microvision is the first portable console A console constitutes an electronic video game system with interchangeable game cartridges A few random facts... Top 5 Major Video Game Companies: (Based on quantity of games developed and published.) 1. Sega General
Video Game Knowledge What is a Video Game? A Video Game is any electronic game involving human interaction with am interface to generate visual feedback on a video device. Facts 2. Konami 3. Nintendo 4. Electronic Arts 5. Ubisoft Virtual Gaming Communities Massive Online Multiplayer Games (MMO, MMOG) What is it? A multiplayer game capable of supporting hundreds or thousands of players simultaneously through the use of the Internet. MMOs enable players to participate in cooperative play on a large scale and to interact with people around the world in a virtual community. Voice Chat How do you communicate in an MMO? Video Chat Because MMOs use the Internet to connect players, the following options are available for player-to-player communication Text chat Popular MMO Games 1. RuneScape 2. Entropia Universe 3. World of Warcraft 5. Final Fantasy XI 4. Dream of Mirror Online (By Overall Member Satisfaction) MMOs can be free-to-play, pay-to-play, or "freemium" (majority of game is free, but the ability to pay for more features is available. These virtual communities have all the aspects of a human life except for a complete lack of face-to-face interaction. Example of exactly how many people an MMO can support. (Photo: World of Warcraft) Social Interaction with another person Face-to-Face contact Real Community Virtual Community Physical Movement The majority of virtual gaming communities revolve around... Positive Effects Negative Effects Escape From Everyday Stress After a long day at work or school, playing a video game and talking to others in its virtual community is a good way to debrief and relax. Opportunity to Create and Sustain Meaningful Relationships Because player-to-player communication is integrated into most MMOs, meaningful friendships and sometimes even relationships can be formed and preserved. For people with anxiety issues or who are uncomfortable with a face-to-face interaction, these relationships serve as an alternative way to enjoy interacting with people in a social group without having to be with that group in person. Increase in Hand-Eye Coordination Since the release of the Nintendo Wii, games such as "Wii Sports" and "Madden 2012", when played for a significant time period, will increase Hand-Eye coordination for the player. Due to the simple interface, the Wii is the game console of choice in senior citizen communities. It serves as a daily physical and mental exercise for those who are unable to participate in other physical activity such as taking a walk. Primary Means of Exercise With the release of "Wii Fit", the concept of using video games for exercise reached its full potential. The game tracks weight loss, forms a workout for the player based on individual needs, and gives the player the ability to send results of said weight loss and workout to online friends through the Wii Network. Another benefit of the social aspect of exercise games is the ability to create competition. Adding competition to a persons workout, especially when it is against a good friend, makes exercise more enjoyable which will make the player want to exercise more often. The two main types of virtual gaming communities are ones that exist in Massive Online Multiplayer Games and more personal approach, Private Party Gaming Community. A community that allows only players to join, usually at the discretion of the community leader or founding member, is defined as a Private Gaming Community Gaming Communities are available on any game console with the ability to connect to the Internet. Here are the Top 5 Most Popular Consoles Used to access and participate in Online Gaming Communities: 1. Personal Computers (PC) Before diving into the controversial nature of Online Gaming, explore this brief Video Game History Time Line and General Video Game Knowledge Diagram in this section for some brief background on how the video games we know and love today came to be. 2. Microsoft Xbox 360 3. Sony PlayStation 3 4. Nintendo Wii 5. Sony PlayStation
Portable (PSP) The End In the next section, two types of online gaming communities are dissected and compared to understand the different types of social media present in video games. What is it? A Private Gaming Community usually consists of a group of players that form a team for any of the competition driven game, such as Call of Duty, and because modern day Game systems have an online multiplayer portion, the team is able to... Play the game with each other Have a private "Party Chat" that is closed to anyone not approved by the "Party Leader" or player who initiated the chat. Create Team Name and Profile on a website such as GameBattles. R Another form of a Private Gaming Community is common for most Personal Computer (PC) Video Games. Avid First-Person Shooter (FPS) players create private servers on their hard drives where a private session of a game may be played for which the player has complete control over all settings. A Private Gaming Community seems to offer the same, if not more, features as an MMO, so why is this not the method majority of gamers prefer? Let's Do a Comparison This is the Professional Gaming League These are Professional Teams MMOGs Private Gaming Communities Play with people worldwide via Internet capabilities Host private games on a dedicated server Ability to access and adjust network connectivity settings Direct Voice/Video/Text Chat Cost Best Membership Price of Top 5 Most Popular MMOGs. 1. RuneScape 2. Entropia Universe 3. World of Warcraft 4. Dream of Mirror Online 5. Final Fantasy XI $7.95 / Month Free to Play $77.94 / 180 Days Free-to-Play Free-to-Play Free-to-Use
Pay Features So basically... Private Gaming Communities Massive Online Multiplayer Communities Comparison Now that that two main types of gaming communities have been explored, it is time see if their effect on society is overall positive or negative Symptoms of Video Game Addiction Atrocious Because a video game addict will spend hours in front of the TV, most of the time alone, personal hygiene seems irrelevant. Hygiene Irregular Sleeping Habits Addicts tend to play at all hours of the night. Signs of exhaustion will appear consistently at work or school. Neglect of Personal Relationships Addicts will tend to choose video games over social activities with friends and family. Video Game Addiction Video Game Addiction can occur in both children and adults. The Facts Approximately 8.5% of video game players are considered addicts. Being male increases the chance of addiction The social aspects of Online Gaming Communities increase the chance of addiction development. What Should we do Now? Let's learn how to prevent addiction and other useful
tips for healthy Online Gaming. Video Game Addiction Prevention Tips 1. Limit time spent playing
video games. 2. Recognize that online gaming
communities are Virtual Worlds. 3. Make a list of priorities so that important
goals are completed on time. 4. Don't ignore you're body! If you are hungry,
eat! Don't wait until you level up or beat the
game, that can lead to serious health problems. Although Social Media increases the risk of Video Game Addiction, it also serves a positive purpose. An Online Gaming Community is the premier feature of Online Gaming. If interested in being part of one, DO IT! When used in conjunction with a real social community, an Online Gaming Community will decrease stress and add enjoyment to daily life. Let's Review... The Good The Bad The Verdict Create/Maintain Social Relationships Stress Relief Enjoyable Leisure Activity Possible Exercise Element This does not mean you stay away from Online Gaming Communities! Improves Hand-Eye Coordination Possible Addiction Expensive Hobby Neglect of Real Life Relationships Although Online Gaming Communities have the potential to do harm, they are the most preeminent aspect of modern video games and they demonstrate the beneficial aspects of Social Media. ¡FIN! The first ever hand held game console, Microvision, is created. Because a Video Game addiction is more likely for gamers involved in Online Gaming Communities, the negatives outweigh the positives.
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