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Electrical Engineering

No description

Pedro Andino

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Electrical Engineering



A person who focuses on designing, maintaining, or improving devices powered by electricity including various systems

Can range from many different areas


Average annual wage: $87,920

Four year bachelor degree needed

Schooling consistently needed


Interested in how things really work

Balance between desk/field work

Interested in challenges

Never gets boring


Karina Zarate

Electrical Engineer at Progressive AE

Mentor Experience

Met up at the downtown market

Interviewed her about her career

Discussed my project


College is hard but stick with it

Join professionals societies

Network to land internships

Karina Zarate Interview:

Why did she choose to be an electrical engineer?
A: She took engineering classes in high school and explored this field in college

How does electrical engineering benefit society?
A: Electrical engineering can control and reduce the
amount of power in a building working to be energy efficient

Karina Zarate Interview(Continued)

Where does she think Electrical engineering
is heading toward or evolving to?
A:Technology is constantly changing to newer
better things and techniques for this have to change as well

How does being an electrical engineer
affect her everyday life?
A:She sees the world in a different way
Essential Question:

How does an Electrical Engineer create
and develop electrical hardware?
Essential Question Answered

Electrical Engineers create and develop electrical hardware by using higher thinking combined with massive planning to change society as we know it
Deadline: May 12

Budget: $10Per Kit

Assembly Period: 15 Minutes

Materials Needed:
-Box of paperclips
-Foam board
-Battery Holder
-LED light
-Coil of wire

Assembly Instructions:
1.Gather all materials

2.Cut out and label 4 questions with answers( 3 in. X 1 in.)

3.Make sure the questions and answers are related to a certain topic

Assembly Instructions:

4. On your board make a line 2 inches from the top portion of the board

5. Below the line evenly space out questions on one side and the answers on the other

6.String three paper clips together
and poke it them under each Q&A
then connect them on the backside
Assembly Instructions:

7.On the back side of the board string connections
randomly with paperclips between the Q&A

8.As the connect make sure to tape them where they cross so none touch at all

9.On the front side above the line center the LED light and poke it through the board

10. On the backside tape the battery holder near
the LED light

Assembly Instructions:

11.Hold the ends of the red wire together and wrap them
together with the coiled wire

12.On the frontside top left and right
string three paperclips together and poke them through
Assembly Instructions:

13.On the backside straighten a paperclip on both sides and combine it and then connect it with the black wires by wrapping with the coiled wire

14.On the front side string a chain of paperclips the length of the board on top corners where the black wires were connected

15.Tape down any wires sticking out

16.Insert Batteries and test Quiz Board

17.Fix any prior mistakes
Assembly Instructions:

18.Play and enjoy for endless


Electric Quiz Board
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