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Copy of AARO 2012

CUL Break-Out Session for SMU AARO.

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of AARO 2012

Central University Libraries AARO 2012 2) Discover how library staff can assist you. Goals 1) Learn about library resources and services. How many libraries are on main campus? A) 10
B) 8
C) 5
D) 25 Stanley Marcus Reading Room How many libraries are on main campus? B) 8

DeGolyer Special Collections
Fondren Library
Hamon Arts Library
ISEM (Institute for the Study of Earth and Man)
Bridwell Theology Library
Business Information Center
Underwood Law Library Hamon Arts Library Central University Libraries Unless, you are in Meadows, then you’ll need the Hamon Arts Library.
Or BBA, then you’ll need to use the Business Library. Where should you go to ask a librarian in person? Fondren Fondren Library’s Hours A) 24/7

B) 24/5 (closing at midnight on Friday and Saturday)

8:00am-9:oopm, M-R
8:00am-6:oopm, F
12:oo-6:00pm, Sa & Su

D) 26.4/7.7
(Like Marines and gym teachers, we give you 110%.) What are Fondren Library’s hours? Fondren Library’s Hours
For final exams 24/5 during most of the semester 8:00am-9:oopm, M-R
8:00am-6:oopm, F
12:oo-6:00pm, Sa & Su Research librarians are sitting and waiting and hoping for you to ask a question nearly 75 hours per week. Fondren Library’s Hours Security guards are in Fondren overnight.

Only SMU community members are welcome after 9:00PM. Though open late, we keep students’ safety in mind. A) Audiobooks

B) Streaming Video


D) ALL of the above What types of media are available to students? Including recent releases. Libraries of the Professional Schools Resources Resources Resources Resources Services Services Campus security offers Giddy-UP, a free campus ride service, from 9:00PM to 3AM, Monday - Sunday Services Would you like to create your own media? Multimedia Center
TLC Match the numerical designation to the number of items provided by CUL. A) Hundred

B) Thousand

C) Hundred Thousand

D) Million 2 Books in CUL's collections? 25 Maps in the Foscue Map Library? D) Million C) Hundred Thousand Journals with full-text online? 40 B) Thousand In other words, CUL provides an astonishing array of resources for you to use in your research. So, what's the problem? Too many choices. With so many resources, where do you start? A) Ask a Librarian.

B) Ask a Librarian?

C) Ask a Librarian!

D) All of the Above Where do you start? Services You can! Resources Resources Use touch computing to produce or present multimedia projects. Build digital portfolios
Create web sites
Design graphics
Edit video and audio files
Produce PowerPoint or Prezi presentations MultiMedia Center Speaking of touch computing... Let's talk about Central University Libraries by the numbers. askalibrarian .smu.edu Services Group Study Rooms smu.edu/cul/rooms What else is here? Fondren Library Fondren Library Services Any Questions? Services Now that you have seen the highlights of our multimedia collections and resources, For example, approximately how many people are attending this AARO session? A) Hundred

B) Thousand

C) Hundred Thousand

D) Million 1 A) Hundred Resources What's in it for You?! Fondren Library Fondren Library... What's in it for You! What's in it for You! Kindle Fire! Kindle Fire! What's in it for You! including a The George W. Bush Presidential Library will house the official records of the presidency of George W. Bush.

Including over:
60 million printed pages
42,000 artifacts
4 million photographs
80 terabytes of electronic information And, now open, the Bush Library... Over 3 million books in the combined collections of SMU Libraries
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