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Communication Process Model

This model explains the 7 Main Components of the Communication Process and the interaction between the components.

B. Robinson

on 26 May 2016

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Transcript of Communication Process Model

1. Sender
person where the message originates.
Interference or Barriers
•promote understanding
•make decisions
•resolve conflicts or problems
•meet social needs
do we communicate?
7 Components of the Communication Process
physical environment, social elements, and emotional elements of where communication takes place
anything external or internal obstacle which stops or inhibits communication
reaction or response of receiver to original sender
4. Channel
Frame of Reference
3. Encoding
the idea the sender wants the receiver to understand
is the means or mode of communicating the message;
It is the MEDIUM that carries the message is the CHANNEL of communication.
Knowing which channel to use in a communication setting is critical.
Examples of channels face to face, written, electronic, television, speech, etc.
person or persons who receive and interpret the message.
2. Message
CHANNEL - in this case is both written and verbal
in this case is internal in his intrapersonal communication
in this case is Verbal talking & playing
attitude, past experiences
FRAME OF REFERENCE for students is that it is the beginning of school for teacher she thinks students should know 3rd Grade math
in this case CONTEXT
is a third grade math class
process of putting the message into the form it's communicated. The
encodes the message for the receiver.
the process the RECEIVER undergoes in trying to interpret the exact meaning of the message.
Communication which is worldwide or communicated to masses of people, or in a very large group setting & transmitted via some type of media. Everyone is able to hear the same message across the world or in large groups through media.
Types of Communication
Communication within
. You use this type of communication when making decisions in your own life. Thinking and “talking to yourself”.
Communication between
people. YOU participate in this type of communication when talking to one other person and accepting them as an individual.
Communication that contains three or more people.
Communication, which occurs when one person is sending a message to an audience.
4. Public Speaking
1. Intrapersonal
2. Interpersonal
3. Small Group
SENDER in this case is the TEACHER
5. Mass Communication
Bridget Robinson
Technology Learning Specialist
Clear Creek ISD
League City, Texas

(The Communication Model)
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